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Horse Racing Betting

It’s no secret that horse racing has been known since ancient times. Over centuries, equestrians have honed their riding skills. Its popularity spurred the first bookmakers that calculated horse racing odds and offered the opportunity to enjoy horse racing betting on the winner. Along with horse race betting, bookmakers started to provide betting services in other sports.

Most detailed information about Horse Racing Betting

One of the world’s oldest sports, racing originated from the Ancient Rome. Chariot racing gradually gave way to horse racing. Centuries later, horse racing became spread to Britannia, one of numerous Roman provinces. Horse racing was among the first sports to literally drive people crazy and make them bet their clothes, jewelry, and cattle.

Nowadays, you can enjoy horse betting at any bookie. They take place throughout the year, both in winter and summer. Some bookie give information about physical state of competing horses and their winning chances. Such news help bettors estimate the situation correctly and place successful bets.

Horse Racing Betting

Nowadays, horse betting is growing increasingly popular across the globe. Fans enjoy betting both online from their homes and offline at racetracks. Number of bettors is growing steadily. Moreover, new strategies and money-earning schemes are being developed.

Specifics of horse racing bets

First and foremost, attracts sports fans with its high pace. This means that you can place a horse bet and see the outcome in just a matter of minutes, instead of waiting for more than an hour (like in football, hockey, and other sports).

This is a highly attractive feature for those who don’t want to wait long. Some bettors enjoy watching the race itself, especially when you prefer outsider at high odds. If you are lucky, your winnings will cover your previous losses and even secure a profit.

When making horse racing bets, bear in mind some of its special features:

  • a racer must have enough rest following its last race;

  • a race member cannot be overweight as it’s hard for a heavy animal to gain speed;

  • with a skilled and experienced jockey, a racehorse can win even a toughest race. However, a jockey should be fit, otherwise he will be an additional burden. The more seasoned is the racer, the higher are today horse racing odds;

  • be sure to browse through stats to analyze horse odds and make the right predictions.

Horse Racing

Why is horse betting so popular?

Before getting to rules and guidelines, let’s take a look at why it is so loved among sports fans:

  1. fast pace. A race lasts 40 to 300 seconds, depending on the track length. This makes betting online an exciting type for those who hate waiting;

  2. wide variety. Every day, you can select from about 300 races with different odds;

  3. so what does this mean for an average bettor? Horse race betting is an effective strategy that allows you to make a fortune over just one season.

Horse racing betting types

Races come in all forms and sizes. Below we have listed the three major one's types:

  • flat, where a racer has to race over a racecourse with no jumps;

  • jump, where a racer has to jump over hurdles; and

  • harness.

Horse Racing

Top popular strategies for horse bet

Based on your analysis and odds, you can place bets on the favorite or against the favorite. Players use a wide variety of smart betting strategies. For example, there is an effective strategy according to which you make one bet on the favorite and the other on the whose odds are lower than the average. Sizes of both bets are calculated so that one winning bet covers losses from the other bet and still brings a profit.

Other bettors prefer bets on medium-level race members with average horse racing odds. Based on stats analysis, they are pretty sure that such race member have an unleashed potential and can show brilliant results. Whichever strategy you choose, make sure to gather and analyze all relevant information and take into account multiple factors, including previous performance, weight and age, jockey’s experience, starting position, racetrack length, racetrack cover, and others. Moreover, pay attention to the race odds on the previous races.

Thorough analysis and savvy bankroll management are critical to betting success and juicy profits. Unless you learn all specifics, you will place losing bets and pick the worst odds. You need to pick a race member based on a whole set of important factors, rather than a nice-sounding name.


Systems are only effective when they aim at covering losses from unsuccessful bets, i.e when they allow you to increase your bankroll and make up for your losses.

Horse betting systems

Here are some principles of most effective strategies:

  • bet on the favorite; you’ll most probably win without risking your money;
  • bet on average horses (if there’re is no favorite).

Take your time to pick the right bet type. Show bet is the least risky option. Use it when the race lacks a strong favorite. But if there is a favorite, the odds for show bet will be close to zero.

We recommend you to bet on the favorite and average horses. With these two strategies, you will most surely secure yourself a winning streak in betting.

Fixed races and odds

Unfortunately, like in any other sport, industry features fixed races. To you as a bettor, this should come as no surprise. Industry has plenty of money circulating in it, which makes it attractive for all kinds of rogues. They use dishonest methods to make money. Even if you did a great job researching an upcoming race and analyzing odds, you may face a quite unexpected outcome that has nothing to do with the jockey’s mistakes, the behavior, or poor weather conditions.

Horse Racing

Information about fixed races is known to a very limited number of people. Eager to make easy money, they are committed to keeping this information strictly confidential. Our advice is to be on alert. Avoid suspicious websites that offer you to buy information about fixed races and do not let them fool you.

If you are monitoring race odds across different online bookmakers, you can spot big increases and drops in odds short term. First, this may be due to money flows circulating in the industry. Second, a bookmaker may have received additional information about a horse’s or a jockey’s physical shape that made the odds go up or down. Anyway, you should never ignore such factors.

If you have even a slightest doubt about an upcoming race, you should better pass on it. Wait for a more suitable race to make sure profits and enjoy horse racing betting to the fullest.

Horse Racing

Betting odds

Features more outcome bets that other sports. While there is only one winner, racers that came in second and third are also awarded a medal. Below is the list of basic types of bets:

  • win — you predict the winner;
  • place — you predict a runner-up (number of runner-ups depends on the number of race participants);
  • show — you predict one of the three runner-ups;
  • double — you predict two winners in two races; this bet is quite risky;
  • double-double — you predict four winners in four races;
  • each way — you predict the winner or a runner-up.

Many bookies display betting in the following way:

  • bet on a horse that won’t finish in top three;
  • bet on a horse that will finish in top three.