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Belmont Race Betting

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Belmont Stakes a top-class American horse race. Annually they attract flocks of fans eager to make money on Belmont race betting. Both amateur and professional bettors calculate Belmont odds in order to place a successful Belmont bet and win.

How can anyone resist such a spectacular sporting event as horse races and an amazing opportunity to make good profits? Actually, racing was the sport that spurred pioneer bookmakers. The first bookmakers attracted bettors with profitable Belmont horse odds.

Furthermore, back in the day a part of profits from bet Belmont was invested into development of sport and racetrack facilities. Therefore it comes as no surprise that sports is so wildly popular nowadays.


Stakes is a 1-Grade thoroughbred horse race held in America every June. It takes place at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. The exciting sporting event generates a great number of tournament.

Stakes is run over a distance of 2,400 meters by three-year-old thoroughbreds. Colts and geldings are assigned a weight of 57 kg, while fillies carry a weight of 55 kg. Race is the third and final stage of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Stakes race is conducted five weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks after the Preakness Stakes.

The good news is that you can enjoy twice a year: at Spring-Summer series that starts on the second Wednesday in May and ends on the fourth Sunday in July. Then you can pick Belmont betting odds on the Fall series that takes place on Friday after the Labor Day through the fourth Sunday in October. In 1931, the order of the Triple Crown was changed: Kentucky Derby first, Preakness Stakes second, and then Belmont today.

How Belmont Race betting is conducted

The White Pine, which is estimated to be about 180 years old, dominates Park. Since 1968, the iconic pine is an official Park’s logo. Before the race, fans gather at the back yard to examine the horses and estimate odds.

The Stake is the longest of the three Triple Crown Races. Due to its length, it is called “The Test of the Champion.” Most horses are not accustomed to such a distance. Their lack of experience is reflected in odds. Stamina and will to win are the only things that make them rush like a wind over such a long distance. In a long-distance race like the Stakes, positioning of the horse and speed are crucial factors heavily affecting odds.

Having the length of 2,400 meters, the main racecourse is the longest one among all North-American thoroughbred races.

The winner of the Stakes is awarded with a silver trophy designed by Paulding Farnham for Tiffany and Co. It was first given to August Belmont, Jr. in 1896 and granted by the family for annual presentation in 1926. By the way, back in the day was used to hold one-day championships. Bettors enjoy big winnings at the best Belmont odds.

Types of Belmont bet

While not every online bookmaker offers opportunities, betting Belmont options may be very diverse. Below we examined the major types popular among Stakes fans.

Win bet Belmont – you need to pick a horse that will win the race.

Place bet – you need to pick a member that will finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Number of winning places is determined by the number of members participating in the race. For fewer than 8 horses, there are 2 winning places. If the race is run by 8 to 14 ones, there are three winning places. For more than 14 contenders, there are four winning places. Sometimes, the number of winning places is set by a bookmaker. When analyzing odds and making predictions, make sure to check this important information.

Show bet – you need to pick a horse that will finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. It’s a highly popular type among lovers in North America.

Each way betting is made of two parts – the “Win” and the “Place”, i.e. you’re betting on the selection to win and the selection to place.

Double bet – you need to pick two horses that will win two different tracks. Each one has its Belmont betting odds.

Quiniela bet – you need to pick three members that will win three different races in either order. This type has its pitfalls, though. Quiniela terms may differ from country to country. Make sure to read the requirements before making it.