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Caulfield Races

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Caufield Cup is Australia’s top thoroughbred horse race that opens a spring season. After a lengthy winter break, lovers gather at the Caufield Racecourse to root for their favorites, pick the best Caulfield odds, and enjoy successful Caulfield Race betting. Betting is an integral part of the competition. It’s hard to combat the temptation to place at least one Caulfield bet.

History of Caulfield Races

One of Australia’s top-ranking tournaments, it were established in 1879 and have been furthering its foothold in industry ever since. Bettors place numerous bets on Caulfield Race results. The track is 2,080 meters long and 30 meters wide, with a finishing straight of 367 meters. Like almost all over Australia, Caufield races are run in an anti-clockwise direction.

In 1995, during a massive reconstruction, the track was widened to 30 meters and the straight line lengthened by 43 meters. In 2005, the Caufield track had is cover changed.

Caulfield Cup betting types

Win (Straight)

You bet on a horse that will finish in the first position. Win bet has quite low Caulfield Cup odds. If you selected participant comes in first, your bet wins.


It is another simple Caulfield Cup betting option. You online bet on a horse that will finish in the first or the second position. Each way bet is a wager consisting of a Place one and a Win one. If your selected participant wins, both Win and Place parts of your bet pay out. However, if your selected participant only places (i.e. comes in the second position) in overall Caulfield Race results, only Place part pays out.


If your selection finishes in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position in Caulfield Race results today, your bet wins and pays out according to odds.

Daily Double

You bet on two winners of two consecutive competition taking place on the same day.

Pick 3

You one on three winning participants in three consecutive competition. Other Caulfield betting options include Pick 4 (four consecutive winners) and Pick 6 (six consecutive winners). Payoffs get more lucrative as odds go up.


You select two horses to show the first and the second results, in any order.


You select two participants to finish in the first and second positions, in an exact order. Compared to other options, Exacta is a very lucrative one.


You select three horses to come in first, second, and third, in an exact order.

Caulfield Races


You pick four participants to come in first, second, third, and fourth, in an exact order.


It may include 2 to 12 predictions. For your combination one to win, all your predictions must come true.


It is applied to the first six races on your card. You need to select a participant that will place in each one of it. This is a very popular one that makes bettors wait for results in anticipation.

A new season is about to start, and online bookmakers offer pretty good Cup odds on Caufield competition. As the competition draws closer, Cup odds are falling. This is why you should hurry up with your decisions. Armed with their vast knowledge and experience, veteran bettors enjoy Cup betting on favorites.