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Boxing Betting

To enjoy bet boxing, you can pick any bookmaker. Capitalizing on popularity of this breathtaking sport, bookmakers provide odds on a number of outcomes and parameters. With online boxing betting, watching matches becomes way more exciting. Furthermore, you can count on pretty big payouts as bookmakers tend to offer high odds.

Boxing Betting

Bet boxing: special features

Boxing takes a special place in the sporting world, standing out among other sports. In traditional team sports, both bookmakers and seasoned gamblers can predict the probability of a certain outcome with a high degree of accuracy. Boxing is different.

To make correct forecasts for upcoming matches, a gambler needs to know everything about an athlete’s fighting style, technique, physical and psychological health, past performance, and many more. In other words, you need to be a true expert in this amazing sport.

Key parameters and physical condition

Before picking the best outcomes from boxing betting lines, be sure to analyze each boxer’s anthropometrics. Remember that a fighter’s age is powerful source of information.

Besides age, there is another important parameter which is weight. Let’s take two middleweight athletes. Suppose, one boxer is a junior middleweight, while the other is a super middleweight. In this case, a heavier boxer will have the advantage and higher winning chances. This is a significant factor that can affect the outcome of a match. Ignoring it may cost you money.

Boxing Betting

Browsing through statistics, be sure to focus on:

  • total number of matches;

  • total number of wins, including ahead-of-time wins;

  • total number of defeats, including ahead-of-time defeats, if any.

For profitable betting on boxing, you need to analyze a boxer’s fighting style. While some contestants aim to slowly exhaust the adversary, others try to win in the first couple of rounds.

Focus on how a boxer performed in the past matches and competed against opponents with similar physical characteristics. The outcomes of the past games can tell you what strategy an athlete is using. Sometimes, this is more important than stats.

Boxing Betting

How to analyze boxing bets

The main problem about boxing analysis is that gamblers lack useful statistical data to make conclusions and accurate predictions. This makes estimating the probabilities very hard. If a match features two roughly equal opponents, your only hope are hard-to-predict factors. Make sure to take into account:

  • psychological health, motivation, mood, ability to follow the coach’s advice;

  • physical health, including recent injuries, surgeries, and long flights;

  • fighting technique. Some boxers have problems fighting against left-handed or taller opponents. To make a profitable boxing bet, you need to know not only a boxer’s strengths but also his weak spots.

How to bet on boxing

This sport has its unique characteristics and stakes you won’t find anywhere else.

The most common online boxing betting option is an outcome stake whereby you need to wager on the victory of one of the boxers or on a draw. Furthermore, bookmakers offer other wagering opportunities. For example, you can predict how long a match will last, how many rounds it will have, whether there will be a knockdown, and so on.

Boxing Betting


This is the most common wager where you can make a stake on a favorite or an underdog. Although you can choose to wager on a draw, this is a very rare outcome. The odds on a draw may reach х40 and higher. One of the reasons why a draw is an uncommon result is that judges mostly prefer to choose the winner rather than announce a tie. Out of two roughly equal fighters, the judge usually takes sides with the boxer who defends the title.

Number of rounds

You need to guess correctly how many rounds a match will consist of. Furthermore, you can wager on whether a match will have more or less than a specific number of rounds. Or you can predict when a match will end (e.g., rounds 3-5).

Hunting for high odds? Try to predict the exact number of rounds. This bet on boxing online is very risky.

Ahead-of-time victory (knockout)

Knockouts are quite common among heavyweights. A match can also end in a technical knockout (stoppage) when a physician decides than one of the opponents can’t continue fighting. Furthermore, a fighter can be disqualified or refuse to fight.

Boxing Betting

Where can I bet on boxing

Now that you know the common wager types and key parameters, make sure to pick the best boxing betting sites. Although there is no lack of bookmakers, not all of them are a good choice for sports fans. Below we’ve listed the best websites that offer extensive wagering opportunities:

  • Williamhill is known for its diverse wagering options. With its head office in Great Britain, the bookmaker provides surprisingly high odds on favorites which makes it an ideal choice to bet on boxing fights.

  • Bet365 offers pretty good odds but a smaller range of wagering options than WH. The website provides detailed match reviews, helping players pick the most interesting events.

  • 10Bet. Although the selection of offers could be better, this oddsmaker attracts players with the best odds in the market. Make sure to study all options before making stakes.

Boxing Betting

Where to enjoy boxing betting online

Bookmakers use different methods to estimate the probabilities of outcomes. When it comes to wagering on an underdog, the spread may reach 1.5.

To die-hard fans of boxing on bet, we recommend to open several accounts with different websites to benefit from the most lucrative options. In the long haul, this strategy will secure bigger payouts.