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Bookmakers allow bettors to make profits on online betting. While attracting bettors with the announcements of upcoming games and profitable online betting odds, bookmakers never forget about their own profits.

For a beginning bettor, beating the bookie in online sports betting is a quite challenging task. Betting lines are made by true professionals that know how to generate bookie profits. With our website, you’ll find the best bets and gain an edge over bookmakers. Also, if you are a gambler, you can watch the casino online. You can also check the lijst met een selectie van de beste online casino's blog, which lists a number of best online casinos.

Bookmakers review for sports betting

From a special section of our website, you’ll find out how to pick a good and reliable bookmaker for making sport bet online and what factors to focus on in the first place.

To be honest, choosing a trusted and reputable bookmaker for professional sports betting is not as easy as you may think. There are plenty of offers but only few of them meet even a minimum set of requirements. A good bookmaker offers a wide betting line, sets competitive odds, and enjoys good reputation among bettors. Make sure the bookie’s profit margin is not too high. Profit margin determines the accuracy of odds and the bettor’s possible winnings in online sports betting.

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Some other equally important factors include competent user support, fast and flawless money withdrawals, and betting line availability way before the game. To make it easier for you to make a choice, we have reviewed top bookmakers. We are constantly updating this information to keep our reviews and ratings relevant and accurate. Any changes in bookmakers’ policy are instantly reflected in our list.

Bookmaker’s earnings in sports betting

A bookmaker does not care about wins or losses of any particular bettor. The only thing that matters is betting results of a large number of bettors over a long period of time. Bookmaker’s margin is what brings profits to booking sites.

Examine the example below to get the general idea of how a bookmaker works and makes profit. Let’s take a football match with 3 possible sports betting outcomes – Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins, and a draw.

Bookmaker analysts calculate the odds for each outcome. Suppose, odds for the favorite are 50% (0.5), odds for the underdog are 30% (0.3), and odds for a draw are 20% (0.2). The total is 100%, or 1. If these odds were displayed on the betting site, bettors would place best bets with the following odds: 2.0 (1/0.5), 3.33 (1/0.3), and 5.00 (1/0.2).

But the trick is that the bookmaker won’t make any profit in this case. If all three bettors made sport bet online of equal size on all three outcomes, all winnings would go to the bettor who picked the right outcome. Two other players would suffer losses, and the bookie would have zero profit, distributing the money between the bettors.

To make profits on online sports betting online, bookmakers use a profit margin. Suppose, a profit margin is 10%. Then the odds total will be 0.9 instead of 1 (i.e. 90% instead of 100%). The odds for each outcome are re-calculated and start to look like this: 1.8, 3, 4.5.

Now it is clear that the odds displayed by bookmakers are not accurate probabilities of certain outcomes. The true odds are distorted through a bookie’s profit margin.

The above example is a heavily simplified version of how the online betting odds are determined. In real life, bookie use much more complex formulae. Odds for the favorite are overestimated, while odds for the underdog are set too low.

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Thus, multiple bet online generate a bookmaker’s a profit, while an average bettor loses.

To avoid this unfair situation and make professional sports betting online, our website has a couple of highly effective tools available.

News, predictions, useful information on best sports betting

The world sees multiple sports events on a daily basis. Our job is to focus on the most important and spectacular of them. Visit our website to be in the know of the latest sports events, alterations in schedules, new coach appointments, and many more.

Read upcoming match analysis and predictions from our highly competent experts. This information will give you the general idea of the upcoming game. Using sports predictions, you can make successful deals and place winning best bets. Beating a bookmaker has never been easier. Our predictions are free and available to anyone.

Lines, bets, and strategies

All online bookmakers have their own betting lines they use to take sports bets. Large bookies are usually the first to publish their betting lines. Smaller bookies publish their lines with delays or just copy them from major betting sites. The wider a betting line, the more sports events and outcomes it includes. We’ll teach you how to pick profitable betting lines to achieve success in sportsbetting.

Best bets and bookmakers

Every serious bettor has their own sports betting strategy or even several betting systems allowing to pick effective sports events and possible outcomes. In the section dedicated to sport bet strategies, you’ll find all popular systems with detailed descriptions and comments. Note that not all online betting strategies are equally effective in sports betting. Our advice is to read all information available about sports betting strategies before actually applying them.

Best bets and bookmakers

‘Bet Types’ section gives you a hint of the variety of sport bet online offered by booking sites. Beginners will find this section particularly useful. Find out about peculiarities, pros&cons of sport bets.

All about bookmakers

Enjoy full information about online bookies, sport bet, sports betting strategies, and betting lines. Make use of our expert opinions, predictions, and reviews to make successful sports bet online and win at online sports games.

We sincerely hope that our website will be useful for both beginners and seasoned bettors and sports fans.

Sports betting types

Along with the number of possible outcomes and odds, sports betting is classified by type.

Ordinary sport bet

Ordinary bet is the most popular bet type among bettors all over the world. An ordinary bet is a bet on a possible outcome of a sports event. To find out how much you may get in case of success, you need to multiply the size of your bet by the respective odds.

For example, you placed a $10 ordinary bet on Team А’s victory. The odds are 2.0. If your prediction comes true, you’ll get $20.

Combination sport bet

But not all sports bets are as simple as ordinary bets. For example, a combination bet includes outcomes of several events. Although independent, such events are related to same sport. For your combination bet to win, you need to make correct predictions for every single outcome. Your winnings are a production of your bet size and the respective odds.

Bookmaker’s earnings in sports betting

For example, your combination bet includes Outcome 1 of Event 1 and Outcome 2 of Event 2 featuring the odds 1.5 and 2.0 respectively. Your bet amounts to 10$. In this case, your winnings are calculated as follows: 10 x 1.5 x 2= $30.

Depending on the number of sports events, combination bets may be double, triple, and so on.


Systems are a more complicated sport bet. A system consists of combination bets, with the same number of outcomes in each combination bet. For example, you can make a system out of 3 combination bets, with 2 outcomes in each bet.

Suppose, you have three games А, B and C. In this case, you can make the following combination bets: А and B; А and C; B and C.

Your bet is equally divided between combination bets. Winnings are calculated for each combination bet individually. This means that you may have a winning system even if you have only one winning combination bet. Sum up your winnings on each combination bet to find out your total winnings.

A system is called ‘incomplete’ if it does not include all possible variations of combination bets.

News, predictions, useful information on best sports betting

Handicap online betting

Handicap sports betting online is yet another sport bet popular among bettors. The outcome includes a handicap which is given to a certain player/team. If your selected team or athlete wins with a handicap taken into account, your bet wins. If another team or athlete wins with a handicap, your bet loses. If a game ends in a draw, you get your money back.

For example, in football betting a bet (+2) means that your selected team must miss no more than 2 goals (0:0, 1:1, 1:2, 0:2) to win. If the final score is 0:3, 1:4, 2:5 in the opponent’s favor, your handicap bet loses.

Time match bets

Time match online betting is another popular bet familiar to bettors. A bettor places a bet on the outcome of the 1st time. For example, you can place a bet on a draw/Team A’s victory. For your bet to win, the 1st time must end in a draw and Team A must win the entire game. If any of these outcomes does not come true, your bet online loses.

Total betting

In total online betting, gamblers may bet that the final score of a game is over the bookmaker's posted total or it goes under the number. For example, a bookmaker set the total at 3.5. This means that a bettor can predict that the two teams will score more or less than 3.5 goals (1, 2, 3 goals).

Sports betting types

Future of sportsbetting

Although online sports betting may be developing not as fast as bookies and bettors would want it to, it has made dramatic advances in the last 20 years.

Mobile sportsbetting

Nowadays, online sports betting is one of the top online entertainments available to millions of bettors worldwide. Today’s bettor does not need to do anything special to bet online. Via a bookmaker betting app in their smartphone, a bettor can pick any sports event and place a bet on any selected outcome. Placing best bets takes less time than reading this article to its end.

Availability and flexibility are the main attributes gained by sports betting online over the last years. Forget about visiting land-based bookmaker offices. Nowadays, you don’t even need a computer to bet sport! Any up-to-date smartphone has a wide range of functions to satisfy any bettor’s needs.

Furthermore, you can watch popular sports events live right on your mobile phone. Mobile betting is pushing the boundaries of online betting, providing clients with endless opportunities to place the best bets and bet online.

Need detailed statistical information? In the respective section of our website, you will find everything you need and more to place the best bets. Interested in live betting? No problem! Just take a look at live betting section. Want to withdraw money from your account? All you need to do is to enter your personal cabinet and transfer your winnings to your credit card.

There is no denying that mobile betting will remain a major attraction for bettors and therefore the main focus of bookmakers for the years to come.

Future of sportsbetting

TV sports betting

Sports betting via TV is another promising and fast developing betting niche. Up-to-date TVs have nothing in common with heavy devices with large television tubes and primitive-looking remote controls. In fact, today’s TV is a powerful computer with several processors, vast memory, various input devices, and multi-functional HD screens. Such a TV can be used not only to watch news and movies. You can talk to other people, views photos and videos, browse through the web, and – of course! – enjoy online betting and make the best bets.

Smart TVs are conquering the market. Sooner or later, they will take the road of smartphones, meaning they will be available in any home. Enjoying online sports betting while lying on your favorite sofa will become as common as having a cup of coffee in the morning!