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Baseball Betting

Baseball betting is as popular among gamblers as American football or basketball. Millions of fans watch every single match, many of them being true experts in how to bet baseball.

Most detailed information about Baseball Betting



It comes as no surprise that baseball betting enjoys the most popularity in the United States and Canada. Almost any city has its baseball team. Furthermore, it’s the favorite sport among schoolchildren and college students.

The game is played between two teams. Each team tries to score runs by hitting a ball thrown by a pitcher and then circling all four bases. Excellent physical condition is a must for any professional player. Amateur leagues have lower requirements which may be the reason why the game grew so popular among common people.

Baseball Betting

When calculating odds, bookmakers consider not only a team as a whole, but also its key pitcher. A pitcher is a player whose performance affects the outcome of the game in a significant way. Before placing a baseball bet, make sure to learn more about the pitcher, among all other team members. If a team’s key pitcher is injured or delivered bad performance in the past games, the odds on his team go up.

Number of wins is the major characteristic of any club. Although it may seem surprising, strong clubs only have 20% more victories than underdogs. This is typical for American leagues that involve roughly equal teams. Make sure to consider that factor when making baseball bets today.


Before making a stake, be sure to follow some useful expert tips:

  • Study the schedule. In a home match, even an underdog can beat a celebrated favorite. Remember that the weakest and the strongest teams have a small difference in wins. This is why standings are not as important as a home advantage. The problem is that you can’t predict the outright winner as the leading clubs have roughly equal winning chances.

  • Analyzing past matches is key to successful baseball betting online. As clubs play in multiple matches during the season, statistical information is abundant. Find out which players have injuries. By the end of the season, plenty of players either get treatment, or need post-injury conditioning. All this affects their performance greatly. The key pitcher’s performance (successful pitches and runs per match) is hard to overestimate.

  • For sports betting baseball, use more than one bookmaker. Wagering options vary from website to website. Take ample time to compare different offers to choose the most profitable odds.

Baseball Betting

Wager types

Baseball features unique wagers that set this sport apart from other games. Of course, wagering on the winner remains the most common stake type. At the same time, bettors explore other wagering opportunities used in baseball betting.

Home runs

To make a home run stake, you need to know how many strikeouts a team can throw. For the batter to circle all the bases and reach the home plate without any errors, the pitcher must pitch a ball very far. Otherwise, you can only hope that the opponent will make a mistake which is quite uncommon. A home run is like a scored goal in football. An average team scores 8 home runs per match.

Home run total

Like with other total stakes, a bettors can place a baseball bet that the home run total will be higher or lower than a certain number.


A run line is a variation of a handicap. An underdog is given a 1.5 run start, while a favorite is listed at -1.5, i.e. they’ll have to win by at least two runs.

Baseball Betting

Along with standard wagering options, bookmakers invite bettors to make stake on:

  • individual home runs;

  • strikeouts;

  • a team proceeding into the playoffs.

A selection of available wager types depends on how much the public are interested in a specific match.

Pros and cons

Below we’ve listed some advantages that make baseball matches a true pleasure to wager on:

  • abundant information on any match;

  • low profit margin;

  • easy-to-compare betting lines across large bookmakers.

On the other hand, drawbacks include:

  • multiple contestants (both clubs and individual athletes) make predicting the outcome very tough;

  • lengthy games (a match may last up to 3 hours);

  • complicated rules.

Strategies for baseball bets today

To boost your winning chances, we recommend you to try out a couple of smart strategies from professionals.

Baseball Betting

Wagering on favorite

For the most part, beginning bettors wager on strong teams listed as favorites. However, bookmakers offer low odds on celebrated clubs. A curious thing about this sport is that outsiders only lose in 60% of games. This is a very low number which makes wagering on underdogs a highly profitable strategy. At the same time, wagering on favorites is associated with high risks and very low odds.

How to bet baseball on series of games

By wagering on series of games, a bettor predicts that a club will win (or lose) in several consecutive matches. This is a quite risky strategy, though. The regular season features too many games. Few teams are both skilled and lucky enough to land on a winning streak. When it comes to outsiders, this wagering type offers higher chances to succeed. Nonetheless, you need to check out the schedule to make sure that your selected underdog won’t compete against the best clubs.

Sports betting baseball on outsider

A bettor picks one of the weakest teams that won its previous match with no more than 3 runs. In other words, you need to choose a team which plays good defense but struggles with attacking.

Baseball betting online on innings draw

This strategy fully relies on statistical data. In a 9-innings match, 4 to 5 innings end up in a draw. You need to make a stake on a draw in the 1st innings. The odds on the outcome hover around 1.7-1.85. If your stake loses, you need to wager on the 2nd innings, and so on. Use the time-tested Martingale system to determine the size of your bets.

Baseball Betting

Total Under

Here you need to analyze the pitcher’s performance and focus on the characteristics of the field. Each field has its unique set of features, including prevailing wind directions. By analyzing this information, you can identify the venues which are good for defense. If a team has a skilled pitcher, you can benefit from making a stake on Total Under.

How to succeed in sports betting baseball

Baseball involves multiple factors that affect both the flow and the outcome of a game. If you’re new to the sport, you’ll have a hard time choosing from a variety of possible outcomes. Luckily for bettors, the internet offers tons of analytical data on each club and player.

The good news is that bookmakers incorporate low margin into their odds. In the long haul, you can count on frequent payouts that will cover your losses completely. Although you can hardly make a living on sports wagering, you can achieve a high level of excellence, with over 50% of successful stakes.