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NBA Basketball Betting

Basketball does not enjoy as much popularity as football and hockey. But there are still plenty of fans, for whom NBA basketball betting with bookmakers are the favorite pastime and hobby.

Just like in football and hockey (see our previous articles), it includes basic NBA bets well-known to every bettor.

Most detailed information about NBA Basketball Betting


NBA betting specific

Due to special character of the game of basketball, draws in matches are quite rare. This means that you should place NBA bets on one of the two teams. Don’t forget to find out whether the bet includes normal play time or overtime as well. Normal play time bets and overtime ones may have very different odds.

NBA Basketball Betting

Types of bets

Basketball matches and NBA betting are the favorite pastime of fans. It’s not surprising that games account for most bets. It should be said that NBA features a quite tight schedule: games take place every other day or even every day. This makes it very hard to analyze the tournament table. Another difficulty is loads of new information coming in every day. You need to filter through new data to find the information you need for your NBA basketball betting.


You wager on the outcome of a match either after regular time or after overtime. As a draw is rather uncommon in basketball, the odds on the outcome tend to be much higher than the odds on the winner. Moreover, you can place NBA bets on a quarter winner.

Totals (Overs/Unders)

It’s hard to argue that there is pretty much going on in every game. Total score usually varies from 150 to 230 points. Predicting the accurate score is almost impossible. This is why bettors use so-called ranges.

Another popular bet on NBA games is handicap.


Basketball betting is characterized by multiple total wagering options. Bookmakers offer up to three variations of stakes on the total scored by both teams. For example, you can predict that the total score will range between 171 and 195 points. Furthermore, you can wager on the total number of 3-point shots, penalties, or falls in a specific quarter or in the entire game.

Comparison by quarter

You can compare totals, falls, 3-point shots, and other parameters of one or more teams across different quarters. You can bet basketball and predict which quarter will feature the higher parameter.


Bookmaker websites have no lack of handicap wagering options. Depending on a club’s ranking prior to the game, handicaps vary greatly, e.g. from -2.5 to – 25.5. By making two handicap stakes, you can set a range of points by which you selected club will win or lose.

Comparison by match

You need to pick two matches played between roughly equal clubs and predict in which match the victor will win by the biggest lead. This bet on NBA games only includes regular time. If teams draw the game, the point spread is 0, regardless of the outcome of the overtime.


This wager is one of NBA final betting options. Making wagers on NBA playoffs is particularly interesting as the League features more playoff games than any other basketball league.

Basketball Betting

Live bets

NBA basketball betting involves diverse live wagering options. Along with standard stakes, bookmakers offer quite exotic wagers. For example, you can wager on the type of the first and the last shot in a quarter (penalty shot, 2-point shot, 3-point shot); on how many falls a player will have and whether he’ll play till the end of the match; on the total time spent by certain players on the court.

Where to enjoy basketball betting

Wide popularity of basketball betting is well known to bookmakers obline. Bookies build lines with high level of accuracy. Even if you consider yourself an expert, making profit is not that easy. Here is a simple yet useful tip: maintain self-control and resist the temptation to increase stakes. We suggest between 2-3% of your overall bankroll on one sports event. This amount should vary depending on what your betting goals are.

Predictability in NBA final betting

It’s not uncommon in NBA that the game is unexpectedly won by an underdog. This situation is quite typical for basketball in general. Even strongest teams make mistakes, which may result in a devastating defeat. This is probably one of the reasons why games are more exciting to watch than other sports.

Basketball Betting

Our advice is to monitor your selected team’s performance during the current or the last season. Pay attention to leading teams. Do not underestimate new teams and underdogs.

After monitoring and analyzing a couple of seasons, you stand a chance of becoming a pretty good expert in NBA final betting. Bet basketball may become your additional source of profits.