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Rugby Union Betting

You can make betting your additional source of income. The main thing is to pick the right sport to wager on. Popular sports, such as football and basketball, offer an exciting pastime rather than a real chance to make profits. We recommend you to consider rugby betting. First, rugby is an thrilling sport to watch. Second, this is an action-packed and aggressive game that guarantees strong emotions to players and fans alike. And finally, rugby union odds tend to be higher compared to other sports.

Most detailed information about Rugby Union Betting


Why rugby?

Rugby is a game played between two teams. Players need to advance the ball into their opponent’s end zone. The opposing team tries to prevent this by tackling the player with the ball. It is by right considered one of the toughest team games. Make sure to take this into account when making bets.

Although most bookmakers offer rugby betting odds, it is not among the world’s most popular sports. The reason is that game is played and loved in relatively few countries. To make accurate betting predictions and place successful wagers, you must hone your skills in analyzing bookmaker odds. Following professional tips is another wise thing to do.

Rugby Union

Factors affecting the outcome

Like in any other team sports, team lineups are the most powerful factor. Make sure to identify favorites and outsiders. Weather conditions are another factor to consider. Hot weather makes players slow down, while rain may spoil the field cover.

Few other factors include physical state of players (injuries), head-to-head statistics, and other useful information.

To maximize your winnings, make sure to compare different bookmaker offers and pick the best cricket events with high odds.

Rugby Union


According to seasoned bettors, the best thing to do is to develop several betting strategies for different competitions and leagues.

Here are the top tournaments you should focus on:

  • World Cup features the top-ranking clubs and players. The event takes place once in four years and offers the highest odds and payouts.

  • Europe International Championships is a top-tier competition between 24 European clubs. An ideal choice for those looking for wide betting opportunities.

  • Six Nations Championship is an annual tournament for teams from six countries, including England, Italy, Ireland, France, Scotland, and Wales. This sporting event gets a vast media coverage. Few competing teams make it easy to place successful bets.

Rugby Union

Rugby comes in different forms, including union, touch, tag, beach and water rugby, etc. Union rugby enjoys wide popularity and is played between two teams, 15 players each. Each type has its pros and cons. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

Rugby betting

Here are the most common rugby betting types:

  • Match betting - you bet on rugby the outcome of a game.

  • Handicap betting – you bet on a team to win with a handicap taken into account.

  • Team score – you bet on how many points a team will score in a match.

  • Total points – you wager on how many points two teams will score in a match.

Most fans prefer match betting online where you need to pick a club to win or wager on a tie.

Rugby Union

Factors to consider

To have a better chance of success, bear in mind the factors below:

  • bets include full-time and referee’s optional time. Read betting rules to find out whether extra time counts or not;

  • if the outcome cannot be determined (e.g, a game was cancelled or postponed), all stakes become void;

  • if a game is postponed for more than three days, all wagers become void;

  • if there is a change of venue, all wagers are deemed void;

  • total points bet includes full-time plus extra time.