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Live Betting

Live betting is only recommended to bettors with iron nerves and rich experience in betting. The situation on the field or court may change any second, which results in heavily fluctuating odds. Live betting is similar to mad trading on stock exchange, where the chances of grabbing a huge profit or losing a fortune go hand in hand. You just never know what happens next! Most betting strategies found on the Internet are useless. This article does not look at another ‘winning’ strategy for live betting (there is no such strategy, by the way). We’ll explore some live betting facts which might prove useful to some bettors. We hope that this information will help bettors (beginners, in particular) to make correct predictions and place successful live bets.

Most detailed information about Live Betting

More about live betting

More about live betting

Live betting takes place in real time. This means that a bettor places bets during the match/game, and not beforehand. You can place an unlimited number of bets during one game.

What sets live betting apart from other types of betting is constantly fluctuating odds. Take live betting on football. With every scored goal, the odds (total odds, handicap odds, best player odds, etc.) are changing.

As a rule, the odds set by bookmakers are less favorable for the bettor. It’s not uncommon that once the game starts, the odds for equivalent events (for example, total score will be more/less than a certain number) change from 1.91 to 1.85. As you can see, the spread is pretty big. This factor must be taken into consideration by bettors;

The odds are lagging behind a bit. An opportunity to see the actual game on the field/court gives you a small edge over the bookmaker. When betting live, bear in mind that online broadcasts (just as broadcasts on the bookmaker website) lag behind the displayed odds by 5-10 seconds. This is why watching a bookmaker’s broadcast might be not a very good idea.

Live betting and Emotions

Despite the fact that live betting is great opportunity to earn some extra money, a bookie always has an edge over a bettor. You’ve probably heard about a bookmaker’s profit margin. Psychological aspect should not be underestimated either. A new opportunity to place bets during the game is a great temptation for any bettor, especially those greedy about winnings. Plenty of bets placed during the match are rarely successful. Before placing a live bet, think about your motivation: is your decision based on accurate calculations and fair judgment? Or pure emotions?

Arbitrage betting

Some bettors make money on arbitrage betting across different bookmakers or just one bookie. Remember that this strategy does not guarantee success. Furthermore, there may not any arbitrage betting opportunities for a particular game. Nonetheless, you can place a bet on underdog with the odds >2. Once the underdog secures a breakaway, you should bet on favorite with the odds >2. For arbitrage betting, pick action-packed sports events with high scores, such as basketball and volleyball.

Growing odds

Many bettors take advantage of increasing odds for the favorite. On the 10-15th minute of a football match, the odds for the favorite are usually by 0.2 higher than before the game.

Live betting lines are inferior to standard ones. Some of the outcomes you could bet on before the game become unavailable once the game starts.

Live bets are smaller in size than standard bets. Every bookmaker sets live bets limits in its sole discretion.