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Horse Racing Betting. 7 Rules To Succeed in Muhammad Ali Racing

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To place winning bets, bettors can choose from a wide selection of horse betting strategies and systems. In his revolutionary book ‘How to Place Bet on Favorites for a Living’, Muhammad Ali examines the basic criteria to pick a good horse when using different horse betting systems. Furthermore, the 7 rules may be considered a standalone horse racing betting strategy!

Track condition

Track condition is a primary parameter not to be ignored.

Jockey rating

Jockey rating is constantly changing. A racecourse has its jockey team, and the performance of each jockey is shown in special tables.

Horse condition

Consider weight, age, and additional load. Considering these few parameters is enough for successful horse betting.

Days since the last race

The number of days since the last race is shown right after a horse’s name. A horse has muscle and brain memory. If a horse’s last race took place a couple of days ago, its muscle and brain memory retained all necessary competition skills. If a horse participated in a race a month or a year ago, it has probably lost some of its skills. It needs to get accustomed to the atmosphere and requirements of the race anew.


Race distance is yet another important parameter. Check what distance a horse ran during its last race. If this time the distance is going to be the same, it will be easier to predict the outcome. If the distance is going to be longer or shorter, predicting the outcome is becoming more challenging.

Number of participants

The number of horses competing in a race affects a horse’s tactics at the start. If horses are just few, they are not standing in each other’s way and have enough space for maneuvers. Whether there are 10 or 15 horses, the width of a racetrack stays the same. But if there are more than 10 participants, the horses get delayed right at the start.


A starting position determines how far from Lane 1 (the inside lane) a is starting. If a horse is starting close to the inside lane, it will have a shorter distance to run.

The main takeaway is that to succeed in online horse betting, you must take into account multiple factors:

  1. Racetrack cover;
  2. Jockey rating;
  3. Physical shape of a horse;
  4. Days since the last race;
  5. Race distance;
  6. Number of participants;
  7. Starting position.