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Cricket Betting

The game of cricket is extremely popular in Great Britain and some other countries. Nonetheless, it is far from enjoying the world fame. Nowadays, this sport is loved by a very limited circle of sports fans. This is a pity, though. Cricket betting is a very exciting and spectacular type that brings lavish profits to numerous fans. If you are determined to start making money online on this exotic sport, you’ll have to learn rules and analyze teams. We can assure you that the result will be worth the effort. The most hard-working and patient bettors will watch their bet on cricket winnings grow steadily.

Most detailed information about Cricket Betting

What sets cricket betting apart from other sports

An interesting thing about cricket bet is lack of long intervals between the games. Bets are placed throughout the year. Furthermore, the major championship takes place in summer, when other sports are ‘on break’. To achieve success in bet on cricket, you need to know about each team participating in the competition.

Cricket betting specifics

Here are some basic factors you should take into account:

  • which team is home team;

  • weather conditions;

  • injuries, suspensions;

  • previous wins and defeats.

It’s quite a challenging task for beginners who are making their first steps in online betting cricket. But seasoned bettors have experience in analyzing the above factors and making correct outcome predictions.

Events for betting

Cricket betting fans have a surprisingly wide selection of events to choose from. Every bettor will be able find an event that meets their requirements. Major tournaments are top profitable events for bet on cricket:

  • Premier League;

  • CB Series;

  • Cup of Asia; and

  • national championships.

Cricket betting

Wagering types

There are a huge variety of bets. Every of them is a functional, convenient and effective tool to secure a steady flow of profits. On most bookmaker websites, you’ll find the following betting types:

  • Match betting. It’s the most common wager where you need to predict the winner of a match.

  • Best player. You need to predict a player (from any of the two competing teams) to be distinguished as the best player of a match.

  • Top batsman. You wager on a player to score the most runs during a match.

  • Opening partnership. You wager on the highest-scoring partnership of batsmen.

  • Total runs. It’s the most complicated yet the highest-paying wager where you predict the total score of a match.

  • margin;

  • first-innings-winner.

Great variety of types is due to a special characteristic of the game – a match is very fast and action-packed.

To improve the accuracy of your predictions, you need to analyze a number of parameters, such as weather, injuries, physical condition, results of previous games, and more. Weather conditions deserve your special attention. It’s not uncommon than a bad weather was the reason of a totally unexpected outcome.

Cricket betting

Cricket betting specifics

Sports fans bet on cricket just as eagerly as on worldwide popular sports, like football and hockey. Major tournaments (World Cup, Asia Cup, etc.) offer mindblowing wagering opportunities and high payouts. Today you can choose from a wide selection of cricket betting sites in Australia. You just need to take ample time to pick the best bookmaker website. Make sure to analyze and compare cricket odds across different websites. Varying odds open up more money-making opportunities for players.

Before making a stake, you need to focus on the format of your selected tournament. Competitions take place in different formats which has a major impact on the outcome. Professionals distinguish between List A and limited overs. To make a successful bet, you need to know the rules and special features of each format.

Another important thing is to analyze the last games played by both teams. In cricket, it’s team work rather than each players’ individual performance that determines the outcome.

Enjoy cricket betting and watch it launch your profits into the orbit!