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Mobile Betting

Nowadays, mobile betting is getting increasingly popular among bookmaker clients. Making a bet mobile is as easy as making a cup of tea. All you need to do is to install an application on your smartphone and pick your favorite sports event.

Main advantages

It goes without saying that mobile betting is the most convenient and time-efficient way to make stakes. Now wagering on your favorite players and teams is a matter of minutes.

Mobile Betting

Nonetheless, most bettors continue to use desktop computers and laptops like they always did. However, the situation is changing and there is no way back. The number of smartphone users is big, and growing. Smartphones are getting more powerful and functional. Big displays and easy operation enable bettors to navigate bookmaker websites without any difficulty.

All major oddsmakers promote their mobile sites and applications. It’s safe to predict that apps will soon beat standard websites by number of users. While some gamblers user both mobile and ordinary bookmaker sites, mobilebet popularity is expected to soar.

Mobile stakes are a good choice because they’re:

  • Widely available. As most bettors have a smartphone and/or tablet, there is no need to use a desktop computer anymore.

  • Convenient and highly functional. Mobile apps are a worthy alternative to ordinary sites. Furthermore, many bettors find apps more user-friendly.

  • Handy. This is probably the main advantage of mobile bookmakers. With an internet-connected smartphone or tablet in your hand, you can make stakes wherever you are.

How to make a stake via your smartphone

There are two ways to make stakes via smartphones and tablets. A bettor can choose between:

  • bet mobile app;

  • mobile website.

As both methods are easy and convenient, making a choice is rather hard.

Mobile Betting

If you’re using a site, you don’t need to install apps on your phone. Use your preferred internet browser to open a bookmaker site on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll be redirected to its version for gadget. High-profile oddsmakers take good care of their users. Their websites feature smooth navigation to enable a client to make a stake with a couple of clicks.

If you prefer an app, you’ll have to download and install special software. To download it, go to an app store or a bookmaker website. With an application running on your smartphone, you can use it to make stakes.

It’s hard to say which method is better. Many things depend on the quality of mobile betting sites and applications. Our advice is to try out both options to decide which one to choose. Whichever option you stick to, you can use your login and password from a bookmaker’s standard website. If you’re a new client, you can register a new account right in your app. This will save you time and effort.

What about ordinary mobile phones?

This doesn’t mean that the era of ordinary phones is over. Some people use their phones to make calls rather than surf the web, play games, and enjoy other entertainments. However, if your phone supports java apps and has an internet connection, you can use it to bet mobile on bookmaker platforms. If you’re ready to compromise on comfort, this may be a worthy alternative.

Mobile Betting

Bonus mobile betting offers

Being relatively new, the apps market is still evolving. For bookmakers, a surefire way to secure a foothold in the market is to expand their client base.

Oddsmakers reward their clients for using mobile devices to make stakes. Lucky clients enjoy juicy bonuses and lucrative offers. Promoting their services, oddsmakers return a percentage of losses, organize giveaways and mobile betting offers, and spoil their clients in many other ways.

Popular mobile sports betting

While the way people make stakes has changed, bettors’ preferences remained mostly the same. Most gamblers continue to wager on the outcomes of football matches. The fact that football is the world’s leading sport hardly surprises anyone. The TV audience of the FIFA World Cup was estimated to be a billion viewers, with most of them wagering on the outcome.

Football stakes

Football accounts for the largest amount of stakes. While a high-profile tennis match generates 7 million dollars in stakes at best, a top-tier football game makes bettors spend 30 million dollars. Although football supremacy is a global trend, the situation may vary from country to country. While the Europeans are mad about football, the Americans honor baseball, rugby, and hockey.

Mobile Betting

Basketball bets

NBA matches make the entire sports community hold their breath. Each game is a spectacular show with top performers, groundbreaking records, and unforeseen outcomes.

Bettors take great pleasure in wagering on basketball matches. On top of that, some bookmakers give their clients a great opportunity to place free mobile bet on the finals. Free bets are not the only thing that attracts basketball lovers. The National Basketball Association includes top-tier teams which makes each match a true pleasure to watch. Most bettors prefer handicap and total wagering options. As oddsmakers set high bet limits, gamblers are free to take risks and wager big.


Tennis offers multiple opportunities for the best mobile betting. Prestigious tennis tournaments feature the most gifted athletes. Final matches generate 5-7 million dollars in stakes.

When it comes to tennis, making predictions is very hard. Although each match has a favorite, some underdogs are true fighters with better chances to win.

Mobile users have access to a variety of professional competitions. Feel free to pick any event and make a stake on any athlete or outcome.

Live stakes are both exciting and risky. During action-packed matches, odds change in a blink of an eye. If you prefer to wager live, taking your eyes off the screen even for a second may cost you a lot!