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Moonee Valley Races

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Moonee Valley Races

Moonee Valley racecourse is an Australian horse-racing track that hosts major horse races in the country. The events attract flocks of horse racing fans that engage in Moonee Race betting. If you are lucky to find high Moonee odds, do not hesitate to tap into lucrative opportunities and place a successful Moonee bet. Remember, though, that to place successful bets you need to know some facts about the Moonee Valley races.

About Moonee Valley Races

Located in close vicinity (about six kilometers) of Melbourne, Racecourse hosts thoroughbred races. The racecourse is a home to Racing Club. Every year, the Racecourse attracts hundreds of sports fans in anticipation of Moonee Valley results.

The rectangular track is 1,805 m long, with a finishing straight of 173 meters.

Like on all Victorian tracks, it take place in anti-clockwise direction. The Racecourse features 12 rooms which can host up to 1,200 people.

History of Moonee Valley Races

The history of Racecourse began in 1883, when William Samuel Cox purchased a farm, where he intended to establish a racetrack. Unlike other Melbourne racecourses, Racecourse is owned by a private club.

Moonee Valley Races

In the 1960s, the racecourse territory has been expanded. As a result, the racecourse could now accommodate way more spectators, which contributed to growing popularity of the place and boosted fans’ interest in Moonee Valley results.

In 2009, the owners of Moonee Valley Races announced their intention to get the racecourse redeveloped and its grandstands relocated. The project was estimated to cost around $150 million. In 2011, the management planned to build four 20-storey residential buildings for 2,000 apartments. With their total cost at $1.4 billion, the ambitious redevelopment and construction plans remain pending.

How to make profits on betting

The easiest – yet not budget-friendly – way is to buy predictions and use them to place bet. This method has one obvious downside, though. While you have to pay for forecasts, there is no guarantee that they are accurate.

Another way is to apply trusted systems and strategies to make smart decisions. Make sure to pick a reliable strategy that really works over the long haul. Bear in mind, though, that effective strategies are few. With many strategies, it will only take you a couple of days – hours, even – to flush your entire bankroll down the drain. What sets a professional bettor from the rest is that they wisely combine several strategies to place successful Moonee Valley bet online.

Moonee Valley Races

However, making your own Moonee betting predictions is a surefire way to lock in good profits. This may be not the easiest but definitely a most reliable path to choose. Furthermore, you can use a strategy to back up your analytical conclusions.

Moonee Valley bet types


A common wager among horse betting online fans. You need to bet on a horse to cross the finish line first. There is also an opposite one, where you need to bet on a horse with low odds. If your selected horse fails to come in first, it brings you a payout.


Another simple bet with low payoffs. You need to pick a horse to finish in any top position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th). Note that this outcome features lower odds than exotic options. Number of top positions is determined by how many horses take part in a race. If a race features up to 8 horses, there are 2 top positions. For 8 to 14 horses, there are 3 top positions. Out of 14 horses, 4 have a chance of finishing in top positions.

Moonee Valley Races


You need to pick two winners of two consecutive horse races.

Double double

This one requires you to pick four winners of four different races.


One of the most complicated bets that, however, can have awesome payouts. You need to pick two horses to come in the first and the second in an exact order.