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Australia - AFL Betting

Australian football is Australia’s major sport. Furthermore, it’s the world’s third popular sport by the number of fans attending the event. An average AFL match is attended by 33,500 people. It comes as no surprise that plenty of sports fans enjoy AFL betting. Australia is a major market of bookmaker services. With advanced technologies, you can place sports bet AFL via the internet, wherever you where. Moreover, footy betting is equally popular among both Australians and other nationalities, both professionals and amateurs.

Australian football

History of Australian football

As Australian football (aka “footy”) has been known since the middle of 19th century. It’s a dynamic, fast-paced team sport. Breaks are uncommon for Australian football. A judge does not stop the game even if a player got injured. Footy is a combination of sports, including rugby, American football, and Irish football. AFL betting is especially loved by sports fans in the state of Victoria, Tasmania, South and Western Australia.

Australian Football League is a major professional competition in Australian football. The AFL Commission is involved in developing the rules of the game and its promotion worldwide. Established in 1897, the AFL used to be called the Victorian Football League back in the day.

Australian football

How to bet on AFL with bookmakers

Multiple bookmakers take all kinds of sports bet AFL and calculate footy odds. Sports fans can test their luck at both land-based bookmaker offices and on bookmaker websites. For your convenience, below we have listed the top popular footy betting types:

  • Outright – you need to predict the season winner;

  • Outcome – you need to predict the match winner;

  • Margin – you need to predict by how much the winner will win the game (0 - 12 points, 13 - 36 points, 36 - 60 points, 61 – 72 points);

  • Н2Н– you need to predict the best team in ahead-to-head contest;

  • Best player — you need to predict the player to deliver the best performance during the match;

  • First Team to Score — you need to predict the team to score the first goal or point in the match;

  • First Kick Goal — you need to predict the player to kick a goal with their first kick.

Australian football

Online AFL betting

Here are the most common sports bet AFL found on online bookmaker websites:

  • Outcome – you need to bet on the team to win the match. Outcome bet includes regular time, with or without over time.

  • Total – you need to guess the total number of points scored by a team or a player. If your bet wins, you are paid at the footy odd of 1.

  • Handicap – you bet on your selected team to win with a handicap taken into account. If your bet wins, you are paid at the odd of 1.

  • Over/under – you need to predict whether the total points scored by the team will be more or less than a set number.

  • You need to predict in which half the team will score the biggest number of points.

  • You need to predict in which quarter the team will score the biggest number of points. For your bet to be valid, teams need to play all four quarters.

  • You need to predict by how many points the winner will win the game.

  • Odd/even total - you need to predict whether the goal total (of the match or any of its quarters) will be an odd or even number.

Australian football

Footy betting popularity

The majority of those making profit on AFL betting do not consider themselves Australian football fans. Here are some reasons explaining this curious paradox:

  • Australia is known for its amateur AFL betting. In the United States, the situation is very different. With online betting banned in the US, amateurs have few opportunities to bet on NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA and MLB events.

  • Although Australians can’t imagine their lives without AFL betting, amateur bettors lack skills in analyzing statistical data and making correct predictions.

  • When it comes to online services, Australia boasts advanced customer protection standards. As a result, Australian bookmakers play fair and treat AFL bettors with utmost respect. Unlike in Europe and Asia, most conflicts are settled in the player’s favor.

  • Australian rules football is an interesting combination of European football and rugby, with plenty of betting parameters to analyze and high scores.

  • The best bookmaker websites for make profiting offer high footy odds, from 1.95-1.95 (1.96-1.96 handicap) to 1.92-1.92 (1.93-1.93 handicap).