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Flemington Betting

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Flemington Betting

Flemington betting is extremely popular among Australian fans. Once an exclusive pastime for the rich, horse racing slowly grew available to a wider public. Nowadays, horse racing betting is a favorite pastime and hobby in many countries all over the world. Thousands of fans monitor Flemington odds across different bookmakers to pick the best betting options and make consistent profits.

Flemington betting and Melbourne Cup

Horse Racing Melbourne today is a most top-ranking annual race in Australia. For its wild popularity among the local sports fans, the Melbourne Cup is known as “the race that stops a nation.” Australians love Flemington betting, both online and offline. Online bookmakers give a great opportunity to watch exciting races from home and enjoy Flemington Races live betting.

Horse Racing Melbourne

The very first Cup in history was held in November of 1861. The historic competition included 17 horses. The winner received a gold watch and 170 pounds. Nowadays, the total prize money is more than 6 billion Australian dollars. Furthermore, the winner is awarded a Melbourne Cup trophy valued at 125,000 Australian dollars. The 1.65 kg trophy is made from 18-carat gold.

Horse Racing Melbourne features a 3,200 meter race distance. Participating horses must be three years and older. Results Flemington affect a price.

About Horse Racing Melbourne

The Melbourne Cup is organized by the Victoria Club. The weight of the jockey and riding gear is adjusted with a ballast, according to the horse’s previous performance. To give all members equal winning chances, bookmakers set Flemington odds. If you are a fan of Flemington Races live betting, bear in mind that odds can change during the race. Applications to participate in the Cup are taken during the first week of August. The entry fee amounts to 600 dollars per horse. Each year, only 24 starters are selected from the pool of 300-400 ones. The final fee is 45, 375 dollars.


The Cup is a part of the Melbourne Spring Carnival held from September through November. The most exciting event of Horse Racing Melbourne today, the Melbourne Cup takes place on the first Tuesday in November and makes everyone hold their breath in anticipation of results.

Although the race does not start till 3 pm, the audience start to occupy their seats from 8 am. The world-known Racecourse welcomes more than 100,000 spectators that enjoy Flemington betting and the breathtaking race. About 700 million fans from Australia and all over the world tune in to watch event online. As we already mentioned, results Flemington play a very important role in Australia’s industry.

Flemington Racecourse hosts all major celebrations and sporting events during the Melbourne Spring Carnival. It tends to get major media attention. Other racecourses host competitions, meetings, and carnivals as well. You don’t have to be an expert in Flemington Races to love this amazing cultural and sporting event that celebrates the arrival of spring and sunny weather to Melbourne.

The Melbourne Cup

Flemington betting specifics

To make steady winnings on betting, you need to be able to compare your predictions with those made by experts. In other worlds, you need to do some research to find trustworthy sources of betting information. Do not hurry and take ample time to find the best odds. To do this, you will have to browse through multiple bookmaker sites. Bookmakers offer a wide selection of betting options and Flemington odds, including amazing opportunities for live betting.

As we already said, to even winning chances of all participants, each horse is allocated a certain handicap weight. Say, a live race features three horses. Making their winning chances equal, we have probabilities at 3:1, 3:1, 3:1. Then you need to take a look at the probabilities set by your selected bookmaker. Suppose, the bookmaker has them at 6:4, 2:1, and 5:2. Therefore you pick 6:4.

This is a very simplified example, though. However, using this rule may grow into a useful habit, helping you avoid disappointing mistakes. Make sure to analyze the odds and outcome probabilities before placing a bet.