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Super Rugby Betting

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The professional men’s rugby competition Super Rugby is a dream of plenty of sports fans across the globe. This exciting competition among teams from the Southern Hemisphere and Japan is an ideal choice for Super rugby betting. Bookmakers scrutinize every SR match and calculate attractive odds on a number of outcomes.

About competition

For the first time, SR tournament was held in 1996 among teams from South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Originally known as Super 12, the contest was renamed to Super 14 and then to SR in 2011. Over its diverse history, the competition has undergone multiple adjustments and attracted a growing number of both new participants and fans. For both beginning and seasoned bettors, Super rugby sports betting is an unmatched entertainment that offers juicy money-making opportunities.


It needs to be said that the SR administration has had a rough time searching for the best format of the competition. The format was adjusted every time new clubs joined the tournament. Luckily, numerous changes didn’t affect Super rugby betting in any way. Both high-profile bookmakers and common fans has always showed immense interest for Super Rubgy betting.

Super Rugby

The latest format changes were introduced in 2015. All teams are divided into two regional groups:

  • the Australasian Group;

  • the South African Group.

Each group includes two conferences. The 2016 S SR season features 18 teams, including members from Argentina and Japan.

The group stage totals 17 rounds of matches. Each club plays 8 home matches and 7 away matches. Furthermore, each club gets two rounds of byes, i.e. the right to skip the first round and proceed into the second one. The best team in each conference qualifies for the Quarter Finals.

At this stage, bookmakers adjust Super rugby odds on the remaining clubs after the weakest contenders have left the competition. All in all, the Quarter Finals feature 8 clubs, including:

  • four conference winners;

  • the highest-scoring South African team;

  • top three Australasian teams.

The Quarter Final winners proceed to the Semi-Finals and so on.

For successful sports betting Super rugby online, you need to know the strongest and the most celebrated teams over the history of SR. Here are the top trophy owners by country:

  • New Zealand (14 wins);

  • Australia (4 wins);

  • South Africa (3 wins).

Below we’ve outlined the top clubs:

  • Crusaders (7 titles), New Zealand;

  • Blues (3 titles), New Zealand;

  • Bulls (3 titles), South Africa.

Although New Zealand clubs seem to dominate the tournament, SR features tough competition among its strongest participants. SR matches are breathtaking to watch and bet on. While the clubs try to show their best throughout the season, there is no denying that it’s the finals that culminate this amazing competition.