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Rugby World Cup Betting

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The world of rugby features plenty of thrilling international competitions. Bookmaker websites understand the importance of betting and calculate profitable odds. Sports fans root for their favorite teams and make stakes on a bunch of various outcomes. Rugby World Cup is a major men’s tournament that takes place every four years. To make money on rugby World Cup betting, bettors need to gather and analyze accurate information on participating teams. Attracted by sky-high odds, sports fans bet on rugby Cup and get rewarded for taking risks.


Like many top-tier international competitions, RWC is not an annual sports event. It is contested once in every four years among the best teams. The contestants need six weeks to reveal the strongest club.

The first rugby World Cup bets online were made in 1987 when the very first RWC was hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Although this kind of sports is widely popular in a number of countries, this sport had lacked its RWC cup till the mid-80s when it became clear that both athletes and fans needed an intercontinental competition.

The latest RWC was held in Great Britain in 2015, resulting in never-before-seen popularity of World Cup rugby betting. The long-time rivals, Australia and New Zealand, competed in the final. The New Zealand team successfully defended its title.

Over its relatively short history, RWC has had few title winners. Here are the countries that have celebrated their victory:

  • New Zealand (3 titles);

  • Australia (2 titles);

  • South Africa (2 titles);

  • Great Britain (1 title).

The upcoming RWC will be hosted in Japan in 2019. Although the competition is still several years away, bookmakers are already calculating rough World Cup rugby odds, trying to identify the favorite.

How to analyze rugby World Cup odds

If you’re making your first steps in the rugby, you may find RWC quite an unusual tournament. At the same time, it features an easy-to-understand and logical structure.

RWC includes two key stages, a pool and a knockout. The 2015 competition featured twenty national teams. The 2019 RWC is expected to involve the same number of participants.

The tournament lasts for 6 weeks, each weak saturated with exciting matches that open up multiple rugby World Cup betting opportunities.

The competition is preceded by seedings based on each team’s ranking. Following the seedings, the clubs are divided into pools A to D.

Each team plays four games, i.e. once against every pool member. Pool stage attracts a large number of fans that make money on betting rugby League World Cup. A victory is worth 4 points, while a draw costs 2 points. If a team lost no more than 7 points to its rival, it gets 1 point. The two best teams of each pool proceed into the knockout stage.

At the knockout stage, both bookmaker websites and fans have already identified the most probable winner of the tournament which is immediately reflected in rugby Union World Cup betting odds.

The knockout stage incorporates quarter-finals, semi-finals, the match for the 3rd place (the “Bronze Final”), and the final. If a game ends in a draw, the teams are given extra time (2 periods, 10 minutes each). If the winner hasn’t been determined during extra time, sudden-death overtime applies. According its rules, the first team to score is announced the winner. If neither scores, the winner is determined through penalty shots (penalty shootout).

It comes as no surprise that rugby League World Cup betting gets particularly exciting right before the final match.