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Rugby League Betting

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The National rugby league is a top-tier championship in New Zealand and Australia. To cash in on rugby League betting opportunities, you need to know the best contestants to make NRL bets on.

About competition

The National rugby league features the top teams from New Zealand and Australia. Administered by the Australian Commission, this top-grade competition involves 16 member clubs. Out of 16 clubs, 15 represent Australia and only 1 originates from New Zealand. Despite such a big numerical advantage, rugby League betting is equally loved in both countries.

In 1908, early in the Rugby league history, the competition only involved Sydney clubs. The lack of variety made it rather boring to bet on NRL. In the late 20th century, it was decided to review the tournament rules and format. That resulted in the competition becoming the major rugby event in Australia. Curiously enough, 1997 saw two competing championships, the Rugby League and the Super League. Luckily, organizers managed to overcome disagreements and reach common ground.


Matches are played from spring through autumn. The best teams meet in the final match to fight for the champion title which makes the grand finale one of Australia’s top popular sports events. It’s not surprising that most rugby League bet are made on the final game.

Clubs prepare for the tournament from late winter through mid-March. While players get back on track after a lengthy off-season, bookmakers calculate rugby League odds on the upcoming games. Warm-up matches are played in the cities that do not host regular season games.

Regular season

The competition runs from March through August, with the final game taking place in September. The season includes 24 rounds. Games are contested from Monday through Friday. As the competition proceeds, the clubs vie for minor titles and trophies. This boosts bettor’s interest in the event, encouraging them to place more NRL bets on their favorite contestants. Here is how points are awarded:

  • a win is worth 2 points;

  • a draw is worth 1 point.

Moreover, each club plays two “delayed” matches. Each team is awarded 2 points for each game, regardless the result.

It’s not uncommon than two clubs end up with an equal number of points. This is when additional parameters are used to determine the winner. The highest-scoring club at the end of the regular season is awarded a Minor Premiers title. At that stage, both bettors and bookmakers can identify the teams with the best NRL odds.


It goes without saying that it’s the playoffs that offer most exciting NRL betting opportunities. The playoff matches involve 8 clubs and run for 4 weeks. Based on the playoff results, the top two clubs meet in the final match to vie for the champion title. As competing teams are roughly equal, calculating NRL betting odds on the final game is rather hard.

On the eve of the final match, bookmakers post adjusted betting odds NRL, while bettors make stakes on their favorites. The last game of the championship is usually played on the first Sunday of October.

Rugby League Betting

Here is the list of the top teams:

  • Brisbane Broncos;

  • Sydney Roosters;

  • Melbourne Storm;

  • Manly Sea Eagles;

  • Canterbury Bulldogs.

When on a online bookmaker website, you won’t find it hard to identify the favorites as they have the lowest odds NRL. Be careful, though. Like in any other competition, there is a possibility that an outsider may celebrate the victory.