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How to pick the best betting odds NBA championship

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How to pick the best betting odds NBA championship

If you’re looking for big winnings, you should definitely try to bet on NBA championship. NBA matches are watched by millions of sports fans. It comes as no surprise that gamblers prefer NBA as their favorite league to wager on. This article looks at the factors you need to consider in order to estimate NBA championship betting odds in a most accurate way.

How to pick outsiders

Like in many other sports, the majority of basketball stakes are made on favorites. The bad news is that top-grade clubs have lower odds than underdogs which results in lower payouts.

To enjoy high odds, you need to take a risk and wager on outsiders. Bookmakers tend to give big handicaps to weaker contestants. This is a great money-making opportunity for bettors.

Let's examine the statistics on the last 10 seasons. In away matches, outsiders with a +12 handicap won in 53% of games. As you can see, bet on NBA championship were successful in more than 50% of cases. Attractive odds secured juicy profits for smart bettors who had the courage to wager on underdogs.

On the other hand, bookmaker odds do not always reflect reality in an accurate way. It’s not uncommon that an underdog defeats a favorite. Moreover, bookmakers may have a biased attitude towards some clubs, offering inflated odds on them.

NBA Championship Betting

Betting websites try to confuse gamblers by underestimating some clubs and calculating sky-high odds on them. This is when a bettor’s skills come into play. You shouldn’t take bookmaker odds for granted. It’s important to be able to analyze NBA championship betting odds and make your own conclusions. Wagering on outsiders is quite risky. On the other hand, this risk is totally justified.

Favorite clubs

Some NBA clubs are way more popular among bettors than others. In the last couple of years, the top roster looks like this:

  • Cleveland Cavaliers;
  • Golden State Warriors;
  • Miami Hit;
  • San Antonio Spurs.

Still, the celebrated champion title holders cannot compare with the legendary Los Angeles Lakers. Although the club hasn’t won the championship since 2010, it’s still among the league favorites. However, wagering all your money on the favorite is not always a smart thing to do.

With negative handicaps, Los Angeles Lakers failed to win in 54% of games. The same goes for Boston Celtics. Over the last 10 seasons, the club lost in 55% of home matches with a -10 handicap. The amazing Chicago Bulls was defeated in 57% of matches.

Although we’re talking about handicaps rather than wins or losses, those stats are quite impressive nonetheless. High popularity of a team does not necessarily mean that your bet on NBA championship will bring you payouts. Overestimating a club’s image can be a dangerous thing. What makes this league so exciting is that any underdog has a chance to beat a stronger contestant.

NBA Championship


There is hardly any sport where total betting would be as exciting as in basketball. Action-packed matches have a total score ranging from 180 to 220 points. On the average, a total amounts to 190 points.

To make a profitable wager, you need to focus on how many times a ball goes through the hoop. The average number of points scored by a team per game is irrelevant. Over the season, pretty much any club has 1-2 games when all throws make baskets which heavily distorts the statistics.


Wagering on the winner is the easiest stake for beginning gamblers. To make a correct prediction, you need to focus on:

  • venue (away/home match);
  • results of the last 5-7 games;
  • key players;
  • team goals;
  • players’ shape.

Furthermore, you can wager on the winner in any of four quarters. The difficulty is that such outcomes are very hard to predict which makes a wager too risky. Another thing to consider is the way a team behaves in early in the game: whether they try to take the lead or look to their opponent.

NBA championship betting odds

Predicting the future champion, i.e. the outright favorite, is probably the hardest thing to do. Remember that few NBA clubs succeed in defending their champion title. For the most part, the title finds a new holder every year.