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How to analyze NBA MVP betting odds on the best players

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How to analyze NBA MVP betting odds on the best players

Every year, the National Basketball Association selects the best basketballer of the regular season. Multiple bookmakers offer profitable NBA MVP odds on contenders. Sports fans enjoy NBA MVP betting, trying to guess which basketballer will be awarded the honorary title.


Once the regular season comes to an end, it’s time to vote for individual awards. The Most Valuable Player Award is given to the best basketballer of the regular season. The winner receives the honorary Maurice Podoloff Trophy.

Curiously enough, the way the most valuable player is selected has changed several times. Until the late 80s, the Award had been decided by players through voting. Then the decision-making was trusted to a panel of sports reporters and broadcasters. Since 2010, basketball fans also have their say in voting for the best-performing athlete. Bookmakers take stakes on the most probable victor and calculate profitable NBA MVP odds.

As we already mentioned, in the 80s the award was decided by 125 sportswriters. Each city whose team played in the championship selected 3 mass media representatives to join the panel. The national media were given a vote as well. Since 1983, the voting right is only given to athletes whose teams have won the championship at least 50 times or made it to the playoffs. The vote is held right after the regular season ends in the mid-April.


The first basketballer to win the Award was Bob Pettit. Here are the athletes with the most titles:

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6);

  • Bill Russel (5);

  • Michael Jordan (5);

  • Wilt Chamberlain (4);

  • LeBron James (4).

LeBron James continues his successful career and has all the chances to set a new record.

To calculate MVP odds NBA, online bookmakers focus on contenders’ performance over the last couple of seasons. The performance of the entire team is also taken into consideration.

Over the long history of the award, the MVP title has been given to newcomers twice. Rookies Wilt Chamberlain and Wes Unseld got their awards in the seasons 1959-60 and 1968-69, respectively.

Curiously enough, international athletes have won the title only four times.

Receiving the award is a great honor for every basketballer. Each Award winner enters the hall of fame, becoming a true legend.


NBA MVP betting

The best MVP NBA odds are given on the leaders of the teams that made it to the playoffs or the final. They become outright favorites from the start. Still, it’s hard to say for sure which of the favorites will deliver the best results.

  • First, a leader may get an injury and miss a couple of matches or even the entire season.

  • Second, novices join the clubs in June. The chances of a rookie winning the title are very slim which makes NBA MVP odds go up. Although wagering on a rookie is quite risky, some bettors prefer talented newcomers over long-time team members.

  • Third, no club is ensured against bad luck. Any team may change its priorities, have disagreements with their coach, or part ways with their key members.

Towards the end of the season, the situation is becoming clearer. This is when bookmakers can finally predict which contenders will make it to the playoffs. Bookmakers adjust their MVP NBA odds to offer bettors more accurate figures.

For the most accurate odds, you need to wait till the voting.

NBA MVP Betting

How to wager on MVP

To enjoy NBA MVP betting, you don’t need to wait for the regular season to end. The most valuable basketballer is determined after each game. This is usually the team leader. To pick the most probable contender, you need to focus on how many goals they scored and how many passes they made.

Bookmakers adjust MVP odds NBA after each single game. During the regular season, each club plays 82 games which makes stakes on the best basketballer quite popular wagering options among bettors.

When choosing the best basketballer to wager on, make sure they’re in good health and show consistently good performance. When it comes to the MVP title, team performance is of no crucial importance. Its not uncommon that the title is awarded to the athlete whose team has had a rough season.

How to improve your predictions

Before each game, basketball experts share their opinion on the most probable Award winner. We recommend you to take heed of professional advice.

NBA betting

As you know, there is no lack of analytical information on the championship games. Actually, there is too much information, some of it totally useless and confusing. The annual vote for the most valuable player is a major event that enjoys vast media coverage. Professional sports analysts make their own forecasts.

It’s important to understand that contenders’ actual parameters may not play a pivotal role in determining the winner. Among other factors, the panel members estimate leadership qualities and other personal traits of each contender. Those are the factors bookmakers rely on to calculate MVP NBA odds.