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NBA betting. Basketball bets. Tips and tricks

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NBA betting. Basketball bets. Tips and tricks

Like hockey, basketball is a highly unpredictable sport. These two sports are top popular entertainments in the United States and Canada. Sports fans can turn any hockey or basketball match into a spectacular show which is impossible to forget.

Ranges as a smart method to make profits on basketball betting

To make money on basketball, you need to find so-called ‘ranges.’ A range is a spread between two opposite bets for a certain sports event.

Handicap betting NBA

NBA handicap betting is based on the same principle. In this particular case, a range is 7-point spread.

You can’t find handicap ranges at the same bookmaker, while this is possible for total handicaps.

Among all other basketball betting strategies, a range is considered the most profitable one. You may get incredibly lucky and find handicap or total bets with identical odds, but with a large spread.

Time-match NBA betting

On our website, you’ll find at article about time-match betting on the first half-time and the entire game. For example, Team 1 is competing against Team 2. You are 100% sure that Team 1 will be celebrated as the winner but you’re betting on Team 2.

It’s not uncommon that even with a strong favorite or underdog, the odds do not sink lower than 2.2. This situation offers a great opportunity to make money by betting on the same team in both half-times of the game.

Oscar Grind basketball betting strategy

There is a wide selection of various basketball betting strategies. Unfortunately, most of them lack a final goal. Oscar Grind strategy is a nice exception to this rule. This strategy’s objective is to increase your bankroll by 1 unit. This unit is your bet.

Take, your bank amounts to $90. You make a $10 bet. Your objective is to increase your assets by $10, meaning you must increase your bank up to $100. If this bet loses, you must place another one. Double your next bet to $20. If this bet wins, your bank will increase to $100. The goal is achieved.

But how to make this amazing strategy work? First and foremost, you need common sense and cool head. Try to pick basketball bets with profitable odds. Minimize your risks. Try to find total bet opportunities with ranges and bet big on the most probable outcome – for example that the total score won’t exceed 180 points.