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Cricket betting strategy

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Cricket betting strategy

Cricket is one of the numerous sports originating from Great Britain. Invented in the 16th century, the game of cricket was listed as a national sport in the late 18th century by the government. Nowadays, cricket betting is extremely popular all over the globe.

About cricket betting with bookmakers

The most important thing about cricket betting is the ability to stay cool and reserved. What are other important factors? You must be able to make correct sports predictions, do thorough analysis, and many more. No cricket betting strategy is flawless and guarantees you a 100% success. You may be wondering why. Prediction is a combination of factors, and each of them affects heavily the final outcome.

Major cricket tournaments for cricket betting:

  • Cricket World Cup;
  • Twenty20 World Cup;
  • Ashes Cricket;
  • Cup of Asia;
  • Sharjah Cup;
  • CB series;
  • Sheffield Shield; and
  • County Championship.

This is the list of top popular cricket events taking place all over the globe. To make big winnings on cricket betting, you must analyze these tournaments.

Types of cricket betting

  • Match betting. You predict which team will win a specific match;
  • Total betting. You predict how many points two teams will score combined during the match;
  • Top player betting. You predict which player will be the most efficient during the match;
  • Top batsman betting. You predict which player will score the most runs;
  • Best partnership. You predict 2-3 players (2-3) to score the most points during the game.

Best cricket bets

There is no such thing as the best cricket bet. Why? Sport is a game where participants are only human. Unlike robots, people make mistakes. It’s not that uncommon that the strongest cricket team loses to a dark horse due to numerous factors (away game, physical exhaustion, lack of leader, etc).

The most simple cricket betting strategy is about step-by-step estimation of both rival teams. You must stay in the know and take into account every little detail about an upcoming game.