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Cricket World Cup Betting

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Cricket World Cup Betting

Cricket World Cup is a top-tier international tournament among male national teams. It is one of the most viewed competitions. World Cup Cricket betting attracts both amateur and professional bettors hunting for good money-making opportunities. Luckily for fans, bookmakers tend to offer profitable Cricket World Cup odds.

About tournament

Organized by the International Cricket Council, the CWC takes place every four years. The first competition was held in England in 1975. Australia is a five-time CWC winner. The West Indies and India have won the title twice each. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won the tournament once each. In 1973, the CWC for female international teams was established.

In 2015, Australia and New Zealand hosted the 11th CWC. Australia beat New Zealand in the breath-taking final match to celebrate its fifth victory.

Сricket World Cup betting

Сricket is one of the few sports that allows fans to make stakes through the year. Opening up multiple money-making opportunities, it is very popular among bettors, both amateur and professional. While top-ranking team sports (football, hockey, etc.) are on a traditional summer break, the season is opened by the County Championship held in England. Furthermore, betting odds Cricket World Cup vary across different bookmaker websites, promising professional bettors a juicy return on their money.

Cricket World Cup

Over the recent years, stakes have become very popular among high-profile bookmakers operating on a global scale. Numerous online bookmakers offer profitable Cricket World Cup odds and invite bettors to wager on major events (including the Ashes series, World Twenty, etc.) and national competitions.

Betting types

Unlike some sports with few betting opportunities, features a wide selection of wagering options. While some betting types are simple and easy to predict, others attract seasoned bettors with their profitable World Cup odds Cricket. Below we have outlined the most common types of stakes:

  • Match outcome – you need to predict the team to win a match.

  • Top batsman – you need to predict the player to score the most runs.

  • Match score - you need to predict the exact score of a match.

  • Winning margin – you need to predict the winning margin by which the team will win the game.

  • Player of the match – you need to predict the best player of the game.

  • Opening partnership - you need to predict which team mates will score the highest partnership.

  • Most sixes / run outs - you need to predict which batsman (or team) will have the most sixes/run outs during a match.

  • First Innings Score – you need to predict the total number of runs scored by the team by the end of the first innings.

Cricket World Cup

How to make money on betting

For more accurate betting predictions, you should use statistical data on teams and players. This information will help you analyze bookmakers’ World Cup Cricket odds. Before making a stake, make sure to analyze the results of the last 5-7 games.

The Ashes series played between England and Australia is a good choice to cash in on betting opportunities. Like in any event, the outcome of the Ashes competition is affected by a number of factors, including players, weather conditions, home team advantage, and others.

Cricket odds may vary significantly across bookmakers. As good odds can secure juicy payouts, finding the best World Cup Cricket betting odds is definitely worth your while.



Fans prefer to wager on the CWC, the world’s most viewed sporting event. All major bookmakers offer odds for Cricket World Cup. The tournament is held every four years, a year after the FIFA World Cup and one year prior to the Summer Olympics. The tournament is contested by 19 teams from different countries. Ashes is the second-popular event. The Ashes series is played between England and Australia.

Seasoned bettors recommend other events with lucrative betting opportunities, such as Sharjah Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Cup of Asia, ICC Twenty20, Chappell-Hadley Trophy, and Test Triple Centuries.