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Live Betting in Football

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Nowadays, live betting is getting increasingly popular. Most bettors prefer to bet live on games with their favorite athlete/team. First, live betting makes watching the game even more entertaining and breathtaking. Second, you can make big winnings on live betting. On the other hand, pressure is intense, and few bettors can stay cool and preserve their bankroll (and even increase it). Having a cool head is imperative to success in live betting. To achieve success, you need to think several moves ahead. If you let your emotions cloud your judgment, you’ll most definitely lose.

Sports betting, let alone live betting, is totally unpredictable. Even the strongest team/athlete is not insured against a loss. When betting live, you should take into account several basic rules that will secure an edge over a bookmaker.

Live betting: simple rules

Before studying football live betting, you should read the basic rules which are a key to a bettor’s success.

  • Analyze statistical data on upcoming games. Use at least two sources of information and take into account every little detail.
  • Avoid jumping to hasty conclusions. In football, many goals are scored short before the final whistle. Each single goal can change the situation drastically. Learn to make correct predictions based on the current statistical information.
  • Betting on total more than 0.5 is your best option, although it won’t bring huge winnings. A football game without any goals at all is a quite rare thing.

Live betting strategy for football

In sports betting, high risks have never done any bettor any good. We recommend you to take risks seriously, especially in live betting, where bookmaker odds are constantly fluctuating. To achieve success in football betting, religiously follow your selected live betting strategy:

  • when betting against a bookmaker, your goal is to make money. But avoid placing big bets in the beginning. Bet about 5% of your entire bankroll. According to statistics, bigger bets result in disappointing losses and deplete your bankroll in no time.
  • timing is everything. The best time to bet on more than 1.5 is about the 30th minute of a game with 0:0 score. If you want to bet on the next goal, wait till the 65th minute. Otherwise, you risk losing your bet.
  • follow the odds. In live betting, bookmaker odds are constantly changing. The best odds are 2.00, but this value is hard to ‘catch.’ There is no use betting with the odds under 1,65. At the same time, though, the odds 1.55 may still bring you winnings. Try to weigh all details and do not hesitate to grab a good-looking offer.
  • try to understand the rivals’ behavior. If there is a one-goal-lead, the probability of another goal is quite high. A losing team will be trying to score, while a wining team will have a chance to catch their rival off guard.

Although simple, the above live betting strategies for football may prove very effective and generate decent winnings. And one more tip: if your bet lost, switch to another game. Otherwise, you risk playing away your entire bankroll.