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How to make big money on MLB betting

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For sports fans, bet on Major League Baseball is a worthy alternative to other sports. The tournament features tough competition among the top baseball teams which makes MLB betting online an extremely exciting pastime.

About competition

Every seasoned bettor must know what the letters MLB stand for. Major league baseball betting is an integral part of all matches played within the America’s oldest professional sports league.

The first professional baseball team was established in 1869. Nowadays, the contest involves 30 top-class clubs (29 teams from the United States and 1 team from Canada). Most games are played in the United States, with tribunes filled with rejoicing spectators.

The clubs do their best to rank higher in the playoffs. MLB betting brings together plenty of sports fans from both the United States and other countries. As you probably know, baseball is sport #1 for the Americans. It comes as no surprise that absolutely all matches are sold out.

During the regular season, each club plays 162 games. The best-performing teams proceed into the playoffs to compete in an additional series of matches. No other team sport features such a busy schedule.

How to wager on baseball

Bookmakers offer a wide selection of MLB baseball odds, allowing their clients to make stakes on any imaginable outcomes and parameters. Bettors have access to detailed statistics on each match or player. Regular updates to adjust your predictions are also available.

As you can see, there is no lack of analytical data. You just need to dedicate enough time to study them and draw conclusions. Baseball is an unpredictable sport highly affected by a number of random factors. On one hand, this makes predicting the outcome harder. At the same time, wagering on this sport is a truly thrilling experience.

Professional bettors recommend to place ordinary stakes.


Before placing a MLB bet, you need to read the baseball rules. Each team member performs a certain function:

  • Pitcher is the key player who throws the ball to the catcher.

  • Reserve pitchers are called relief pitchers (relievers) or the bullpen. The reliever can replace the starting pitcher if the latter starts to feel tired.

  • Batter (hitter) is the player who hits the ball sent by the pitcher with a thin round bat.

  • Closer (closing pitcher) is a relief pitcher who gets to pitch at the end of the game when his team is leading.

  • Catcher is the player that receives the ball from the pitcher.

  • Battery is the term describing the pitcher and the catcher.

Along with the above key players, the team includes 4 infielders and 3 outfielders.

MLB betting picks

Not knowing any better, novice gamblers tend to wager on the favorite. Remember that this is not a smart thing to do. Although the top clubs have plenty of supporters, they feature low odds. If your stake wins, your payouts will be modest.

Low odds are not the only problem about the leading clubs, though. Unlike in soccer, a high ranking does not guarantee that a team will win. An unknown underdog has all chances to beat the favorite in a home match. All this makes online wagering on the favorite not only unprofitable but also risky.

Bear in mind that underdogs tend to win in over 35% of games. This is reason enough to wager on a dark horse and benefit from its high odds.

Even if you wager on one of the most unpredictable sports, using statistics is one the most useful MLB betting tips we can give you. To predict the outcome of the upcoming match, you need to analyze the key parameters of previous matches and leading athletes.

MLB games need to be monitored on a daily basis. During the season, each club participates a huge number of matches. If you ignore updates just for a week, you’ll have to spend forever catching up.