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Betting Treble

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Let us put it straight from the start: betting treble is an uncommon sports stake.

You won’t find a treble bet among popular wagering options preferred by millions of gamblers. Betting trebles, a gambler has a real chance to get your hand on juicy winnings. However, the risk is pretty high. For the most part, such stakes are not explained on bookmaker websites which is why many bettors have never heard about them. Despite its low winning chances, this wager definitely deserves your attention.

Special features

In fact, a treble bet is a combination wager that consists of three outcomes. Instead of wagering all money at once, a bettor wagers on the next event as soon as the previous one is over. This, however, is not the only important detail you need to pay attention to.

If your first prediction is correct, you wager your winnings on the second event. If the second stake wins as well, you wager your payouts on the third event. If all three deals are successful, you can earn pretty high payouts. The bad news is that betting trebles is very risky. You have very low chances to succeed. Predicting the outcomes of thee unrelated events is very tough. We’d like to emphasize that you must pick different events that have nothing in common.

Betting Treble


As we already mentioned, oddsmakers do not offer you possible sets of outcomes. Gamblers have to pick three different outcomes by themselves. With a treble bet calculator, you can calculate your possible payouts in a matter of minutes.

Suppose, you picked three outcomes with the odds as follows:

  • Tottenham – Manchester City, 2.45 on W1;

  • Southampton – West Ham, 1.50 on W1;

  • Swansea– Aston Villa, 2.00 on W2.

Your original stake is $10. Your expected winnings are calculated as follows:


Your net profit is: 73.5-10=$63.5

As you can see, calculating how much you can win is a piece of cake. For your accumulator to win, each of your three predictions must be correct. Furthermore, don’t forget to wager all your previous winnings on the next event.

Betting Treble

There is one significant advantage, though. Your loss won’t exceed the amount of your original stake. In our case, this is only 10 dollars. You need to view this stake as a whole rather than divide it into separate parts.

While the risks are pretty high, possible losses won’t make a hole in your budget unless you risk a really big amount on the very first outcome. Curiously enough, trebles in betting are used for horse races more often than for football matches.

However, horse racing features completely different rules. To break down how do treble bets work, we’ll take yet another example.

What about horse racing?

Say, a bettor chooses the following horses:

  • Race 1 – 1 horse;

  • Race 2 – 5 horses;

  • Race 3 – 3 horses.

Here’s your stake: 1х5х3=х15. In other words, a bettor needs to risk 15 dollars.

The rest of the rules are exactly the same. If your selection wins the first race, you wager all your winnings on the horses running in the second race, and so on.

Betting Treble

Here is another important detail. Picking several selections in the second and third races increases your winning chances. At the same time, your losses won’t exceed the initial 15 dollars.

We hope that this article has betting trebles explained in all detail and answers all your questions. There is nothing hard about picking three outcomes. The main thing is to keep in mind one key rule: when it comes to accumulators, wagering big amounts may be too way risky.