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X Factor Betting: Introduction

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X Factor Betting: Introduction

X Factor betting offers a variety of wagering opportunities that have nothing to do with sports. This spectacular music competition is watched by millions of people worldwide, with many of them making bet on X Factor. Bookmaker websites make good money on the music contest, offering pretty high odds on talented contenders.

X Factor: Australian version

Australian fans have been treated to as many as 8 X Factor seasons. Although the next season will be named differently (Next Generation), the format of the competition will stay the same.

The very first episodes hit the screen in 2005. Bettors have been enjoying X Factor betting from the very start, trying to predict which signers will make it to the finals and compete for the victory.

The Australians created their own version the popular British show. As unbelievable as it may sound, the opening season was a total failure. The rankings were ruthless: the audience gave the cold shoulder to the new reality show. Producers realized the need of change. They decided to take a break in order to review the concept of the competition.

It was only in 2010 that the second season resurfaced on the TV. This time, it was a huge success. The producers did a great job. The audience tuned in – and rankings started to climb up. Aspiring artists got a chance to make a great music career. Needless to say that bookmakers rushed to offer attractive X Factor betting odds to acquire more loyal clients.

X Factor Betting


The best thing is that any person is eligible for participation in the contest. Contestants are drawn from public auditions. This is probably one of the reasons why the TV program conquered the hearts of millions of people. Australia has no lack of talented artists whose biggest dream is to perform on the stage and sign multi-million deals with an international record labels. The competition has featured a number of truly gifted singers with unique voices. The entire nation watches the program with bated breath, supporting their favorite contestants. It comes as no surprise that betting on X Factor has become ubiquitous.

X Factor includes 5 stages:

  1. Producers’ auditions. Producers and their assistants audition contenders to decide which of them will perform in front of the jury. Auditions take place all over the country. Although this stage is not televised, the audience are then shown small snippets from the auditions.

  2. Judges’ auditions. Auditions take place in either a special room or an arena. The results are not revealed until some time later, which enables bookmakers to calculate attractive the X Factor betting odds on contenders. Auditionees are still plenty which makes identifying the favorites close to impossible.

  3. Bootcamp includes a set of challenges. The contestants are further filtered through a number of performances. The public get to know the contestants and vote for the singers they like the best. Furthermore, this is when mentors are revealed.

  4. Judges’ houses. The jury consists of professional performers known both in Australia and all over the world. By sharing their experience with contestants and giving them valuable tips, the judges encourage them to fully unlock their potential. As the picture is getting clearer, bookmaker websites adjust their X Factor AU betting odds to offer more accurate figures.

  5. Finals are broadcast live. While contestants give their best performances, the public votes for their favorites. Organizers invite celebrity guest performers to spice up the show.

Honored by a number of prestigious awards, the exciting music contest was recognized as the number one entertaining show on the Australian television. Now it’s hard to believe that the show needed some time to take off. TV audience look forward to the new season to enjoy amazing talents and bet X Factor.


Bettors need to remember that the contest involves ordinary people rather than seasoned professionals. Early into the competition, you have zero chance of estimating the probabilities right.

As artists grow more confident and start to show what they’re made of, the picture gets clearer. The public starts to distinguish between leaders and underdogs. However, public voting is not everything. The judges also have their say in determining the winner.

The best timing to bet on X Factor is the last stages when you can finally identify favorites. At the end of the season, the odds as not as high as they used to be. On the brighter side, odds are not the only parameters that are going down towards the finals. Risks are dwindling as well.

X Factor Betting

As each new season features new singers and bands, there is no use to take into account the past winners. This definitely makes the analysis part easier. Our advice is to focus on mentors who help contestants prepare for the live shows. For example, the 2011 and 2012 season winners were mentored by Guy Sebastian.

Check out this table for winners and their mentors:

Year Season Third Place Runner Up Winner Winning Mentor
2005 1 Vincent Harder Russell Gooley Random Mark Holden
2010 2 Andrew Lawson Sally Chatfield Altiyan Childs Ronan Keating
2011 3 Johnny Ruffo Andrew Wishart Reece Mastin Guy Sebastian
2012 4 The Collective Jason Owen Samantha Jade Guy Sebastian
2013 5 Jai Waetford Taylor Henderson Dami Im Dannii Minogue
2014 6 Brothers3 Dean Ray Marlisa Punzalan Ronan Keating
2015 7 Jess & Matt Louise Adams Cyrus Villanueva Chris Isaak
2016 8 Vlado Davie Woder Isaiah Firebrace Adam Lambert

It’s safe to say that X Factor winner betting is for fun. Even before the finals, it’s hard to say which singer will win over the hearts of the jury and the public. On the other hard, this does not stop bettors from making stakes on a number of different outcomes. The TV show attracts millions of viewers. If you don’t wager on sports, you should try out X Factor bets.

With high odds, you get a great opportunity to earn big payouts. Aiming to attract new clients, some oddsmakers organize lucrative promo offers on the eve of the finals. Be careful not to miss them!