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All About Australian Big Brother Betting

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All About Australian Big Brother Betting

Big Brother TV show got extremely popular in Australia, and given the opportunity to experience extra thrill, watchers willingly place wagers on their favorite contestants. Big Brother betting grew to incredibly large market, and that’s not only about this particular show. Its success also shows what Australia achieved by giving its residents the opportunity to wager safely and securely. The country is among most open minded and progressive governments in the world in terms of gambling. Instead of trying to prevent people from playing, it makes sure every bet on Big Brother or any other event is fair and secure.

Big Brother Bets: Question Of Legality

Australians enjoy the right to legally wager on this or any other similar show. To ensure residents are protected from fraud, the state requires each gambling website to follow certain procedures before they can accept punts on the show. Unlike sports there are no organizations which would monitor reality TV shows and prevent corruption and scam. That’s why websites should contact gambling board in the state where they are registered. This is the way to get permission to offer celebrity Big Brother betting.

Australian Big Brother Betting

After receiving an application, state’s gambling board analyzes whether or not the show is really honest or everything is scripted and there are people who know what’s going to happen. The board also checks if Big Brother betting odds are fair. If the show has cases of cheating, unethical behavior or injuries revealed, chances are gambling websites won’t be allowed to take wagers on the show’s next seasons. This business is beneficial for both sites taking wagers and states; the latter is able to collect more tax money.

Types of Bets

There are basically two options. First option is when people make their predictions before season’s kick off or based on what they see during first several weeks. That’s when fans are expected to forecast winners of the season. The same as sports fans predict what team is going to become champions by analyzing preseason performances and early stages of the tournaments.

When wagering during early weeks, you can enjoy high Big Bro betting odds for every show participant. The reason behind that generosity is that the show is quite unpredictable and guessing who is going to stay isn’t easy. That’s a difficult task not only for punters but for gambling websites as well. Both sides risk a lot, but rewards are fair enough.

Another option is to wait for Big Brother betting odds eviction. This type of punts requires players to predict who won’t stay for the next week. Punters have two options: Big Brother betting next eviction when the week just begins and before challenges are completed or when the week is almost over and one of the contestants is about to get eliminated. The closer to eviction the lower are odds and on the night before decision is made payouts become really low.

Due to insignificant rewards, Big Brother betting odds next eviction hours prior elimination isn’t popular among Australians. Watchers generally worry about their favorites to stay and would place wagers on them to survive another week. Basically, what websites offer is the same as many fans practice all the time when they discuss the events with friends, they guess who’s going to leave after particular elimination round and who’s going to stay. This experience helps them when it comes to paying for wagering outside their friends and family circle.

Australian Big Brother Betting

New Season

That is a thrilling reality show and there’s a new season coming. Since there were no illegal or unethical incidents last season, there are Australian websites which already got permissions to take wagers next season. You can get emotional when watching your favorite contestants have bad and good times. But when money is involved this experience gets even more exciting.