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World Cup Betting Online

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World Cup Betting Online

The World Cup final match is a major sport event in Europe. In 2018, it will take place in Russia. If you are a football expert, you can surely make some money on football World Cup betting. Pick matches with the best odds and thoroughly analyze each upcoming game before making betting predictions.

Variety of sports bet

For numerous bettors, the World Cup is a powerful source of money-making opportunities. Bookmakers offer a great variety of betting options on all games. Football World Cup betting comes in all forms and sizes: you can bet on a certain team to win, lose, or draw a certain match. Other betting options are also available.

Tips on picking the best football World Cup odds

If you are going to place sports bet World Cup 2018 in Russia, here are some helpful tips on how to find the best odds. Be sure to make these tips a part of your winning betting strategy. Here is what you should focus on when picking the best matches:

  1. The World Cup is a short football tournament, and odds may fluctuate fast and heavily. For example, if both teams need to draw a game to proceed to the play-off, then it’s safe to say that the match will hardly be action-packed. In this case, odds on a draw are likely to be very low. However, there are always exceptions.
  2. In the early play-off games, do not let the group stage results mislead you. Groups incorporate different-level teams, and a team placed 2nd at the group stage may proceed to the final and even win it. Odds are highly likely to change after the very first play-off round.
  3. Do not underestimate a home match advantage. For the most part, teams – even weak ones – deliver better performance in home matches. This factor is all the more important as two teams will play at home during the World Cup 2018. Remember this fact.
  4. If you are going to experiment with outcome football World Cup betting 2018 and want to pick really good odds, stick with favorites. Let’s be honest: the home team will hardly win. Betting on teams with odds hovering at 150 is totally pointless. Bet on a strong team which is likely to win the competition. Russia is definitely not one of such teams.
  5. With the development of internet and IT technologies, bettors got access to hundreds of online bookmakers, both local and international. Make use of this advantage and take your time to compare offers across different bookmakers. Only pick bookmakers with the best betting options for your selected sport or game.

Football World Cup

World Cup 2018 favorites

Germany tops the list of the strongest teams. The German team has the odds at 7.00-7.50. Argentina, the 2014 finalist, has slightly lower winning chances. Argentina’s - are currently at 9.00-9.50. Brazil and Spain have roughly the same - hovering around 10.0.

Here are the top 4 contenders: Germany, Argentina, Spain, and Brazil.

These teams feature the lowest odds on all matches.

World Cup 2018 favorites

Other teams

France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, England, Italy, and Columbia all have a chance to compete for title. Football World Cup betting odds on the French team are at 12.00. For Belgium, the Netherlands, and Russia, they are hovering around 18.00-19.00. To place sports bet on England, Italy, and Columbia, pick at 21.00.

While football experts are skeptical about Germany winning another consecutive World Cup title, Argentina and Spain have pretty high chances to celebrate victory at this major sport event. Belgium is underestimated, which pushes its odds way too high. Although the Belgian team lacks big wins at major competitions, it can unleash its big potential any moment. Bear that in mind when making outcome sports bet.