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United Kingdom Soccer Betting

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United Kingdom Soccer Betting

Football is England’s national sport. One can hardly imagine the English culture without this game. It comes as no surprise that UK soccer betting is the top popular betting type that accounts for a major part of the British gambling market. You can bet on football at numerous land-based bookmakers or on the internet. To see UK football odds on the upcoming matches of different championships, go to a bookmaker office or visit online bookmaker sites.

How to succeed in UK football betting

The most important thing about English football betting is to make a correct prediction for an upcoming sports event. This is not as easy as it may seem at first.

United Kingdom Soccer Betting

If before the game you have any doubts about which team to pick, you should wait till the match begins. Judging by the game, you will be able to draw important conclusions. Furthermore, bookmakers may make mistakes in predicting the correct outcome and calculate wrong odds.

When enjoying UK soccer betting, you should remember one important thing. Although different bookmakers offer roughly the same odds, they may still differ in their opinions. For example, for a $1,000 bet, a 0.3-spread in odds means 300 dollars. The choice is yours, though.

How to pick a match for UK soccer betting

When choosing the best match to bet soccer, you need to filter teams based on their odds and performance. For example, a team that used to be a leader but then tumbled to the middle or the bottom of the tournament bracket may still have pretty good UK football odds. However, you need to be sure that your selected outcome will actually take place. To bet soccer, you should focus on 1Х or Х2 outcomes.

You can find plenty of useful information about major European championships most players are betting on. At the same time, you can diversify your betting experience and try online English football betting on less popular teams.

British championships and UK soccer betting

Football as we know it today emerged in England in 1863, when basic rules were developed. England has over 40,000 registered clubs – more than in any other country of the world. With such a mind-blowing variety, picking the best team for English football betting is a true pleasure.

United Kingdom Soccer

English Premier League betting

In 1992, top-flight clubs left the English Football League to form the Premier League. At the end of each Premier League season, the three lowest placed teams have to leave the PL to be replaced by three strongest teams from the Championship.

The PL features 20 clubs which is more than enough for entertaining UK football betting. The PL games attract a huge numbers of die-hard fans. Betting on Premier League matches delivers an exciting experience, and many bet win and generate payouts.

English Football League and UK football betting

Despite being the oldest competition in the world, the English Football League is only the second major in Great Britain. It lost its dominating position after its leading members left the league to establish the PL. Nonetheless, UK football odds on the Football League matches are still quite attractive. Currently, the Football League includes 72 clubs playing in three divisions: the Football League Championship, One and Two. You can pick any online bookmaker to test your luck in UK football betting. However, we recommend choosing trustworthy bookmakers that have earned bettors’ trust over the years. A bookmaker ranking on our website will help you in your quest.

United Kingdom Soccer


The National League, aka Football Conference, incorporates three divisions: National League, North and South. The three divisions feature 68 member teams. National League North and South are both semi-professional competitions found at the same level of English football league hierarchy. Betting on the Conference games may bring even higher profits than more renowned and celebrated leagues. Bookmakers are closely following the Conference matches to provide ample opportunities for English football betting.

Premier Reserve League

Premier Reserve League ( PRL) was established in 1999 as a reserve team league for the leading teams. PRL consists of a northern and a southern division, each featuring 10 teams. For the most part, bookmakers offer pretty good UK football odds on Premier Reserve League. However, you need to have deep knowledge of member teams and follow recent updates.

Youth league to bet soccer

Founded in 1997, Premier Academy League (PAL) is a competition for top-flight youth football teams in England. Before you bet soccer on one of the games of PAL, make sure to gather all information you need to make the right betting prediction.