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Spanish La Liga Betting Online

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Spanish football comprises several stages and Primera División or as it also called La Liga is the top one. So La Liga betting is the most popular odds among gamblers. Choosing Spanish soccer bet you must remember overdogs and underdogs of this football league.

It is well-known that La Liga contends in absentia with English Premier League for informal status of the best one all around the world. May be EPL is the richest and interesting but Spanish clubs every season become the European cups holders. At the same time rivalry in Primera División is rather boring because only two-three clubs contend for champion title and this is not good from the La Liga betting point of view.

For example, among 60 teams that had competed in La Liga since its founding merely nine clubs was crowned as champions. In particular, Real Madrid won Primera title a record 32 times and Barcelona 24 times. It is rather funny but their nearest pursuer - Atlético Madrid – celebrated winning title only 10 times, Athletic Bilbao – 8 times, Valencia – 6 times. Therefore during analyze of bookies odds you should evaluate first of all mood on Catalonian and Castilian giants and then weigh on others chances. May be some other club could join a Real Madrid-Barcelona coalition.

How to bet on La Liga matches

This article is for those Spanish football fans who want to get more adrenaline betting on La Liga games. Almost all bookmakers post on online odds on such matches providing for them usually large number of markets. Anyone who wants to bet on the Spanish football championship will be able to choose the right bet on any game.

First of all analyzing its future Spanish soccer bet gambler should take o look on outright markets. Usually Barcelona and Real Madrid are favorites but in recent years Atlético Madrid joined them as the third force. But still odds on Los Colchoneros are higher than on Catalonians or Castilians. Another clubs such as Sevilla, Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao and etc. have odds that can be described as unreal.

European cups places and relegation

So logically that gambler should take some other variants like Top 4 Finish. It is well-known that La Liga delegates four best teams to UEFA Champions League competitions. Therefore two places are earmarked by Barcelona and Real Madrid, and for other two places the fight between several equal clubs may be very harsh. Usually Sevilla, Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao and Valencia have the best chances to obtain them but sometimes surprises arise like Celta Vigo, Real Sociedad or Real Betis.

By the way La Liga is contested by 20 clubs and three lowest-placed teams relegate to the Segunda División. In turn, they are replaced by the top two teams in that division plus the winner of promotion play-offs. So the battle between underdogs at the end of the season for survival is very exciting and gamblers may catch their chances in relegation, promotion and playoff matches.