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English FA Cup Betting and Odds

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English FA Cup Betting and Odds

The Football Association Challenge Cup, aka The FA Cup, is a major sporting event for English football fans. Taking place for already 150 years, it is the oldest football competition in the world. Since 1971, It has been held under the aegis of the Football Association. FA Cup betting is very popular among both English fans and football lovers from all over the globe. All major bookmakers calculate English FA Cup odds on all matches, trying to attract more bettors with profitable opportunities.

FA Cup betting popularity

The English are very meticulous about their all-favorite football tournament. The competition features twelve rounds, and the teams in each round are determined by a random draw. For the first several rounds, draws are organized at the regional level. All bookmakers calculate English FA Cup odds on each match, regardless of the teams competing in it.

FA Cup

Over its long and rich history, the tournament has developed many traditions and tendencies that create its unique image and set it apart from other sporting events. Needless to say that bettors are ready to spend lots of money on FA Cup betting.

FA Cup betting strategy

Early in the tournament strong teams tend to feature substitution players or fail to take games seriously. This trend is reflected in odds. It’s not uncommon that “dark horses”, i.e. little-known clubs from third, fourth, fifth or even sixth leagues beat their famous rivals. This is what makes competitions particularly exciting. However, analyzing odds may be difficult as some teams are hardly known even in England.

How to succeed in FA Cup betting

For many football clubs, the tournament is a unique chance to test their luck in a top-ranking sports competition and compete with other high-fly teams. Sometimes, renowned clubs underestimate their weaker opponents, which may result in true sensations. This opens up great opportunities for underestimated odds hunters on outsiders are sky-high.

Succeed in FA Cup betting

Competition structure is yet another special thing about the tournament. Loud sensations are not that frequent, though. In the first couple of rounds, Level 2-3 clubs dominate over Level 5-6 clubs. By taking a look at bookmaker’s odds, you can always tell a high-level from a weaker one.

Low-level clubs tend to compete till the last breath, showing their commitment to victory and strong spirit. While odds on such games are not that high, you can place a combination bet consisting of games where 2-3 Level teams play against 5-6 Level teams. Such combination bets have a whopping 90% probability of winning!

For such profitable betting opportunities, wait for Rounds 3-5, when teams from the top-ranking leagues of the Football Association join the competition.

Total outcome betting and English FA Cup odds

Total outcome betting is the best way to make money on the football. In the early rounds, the average total outcome amounts to 4-5 goals per game. This generates pretty good odds and open up wide opportunities to lock in some decent profits on total betting.

FA Cup Betting favorite

Furthermore, you need to analyze which clubs from top-ranking football leagues will compete for the tournament. In matches against 2-3 Level teams, they score about five goals per game! To make a successful betting deal, be sure to start FA Cup betting on the favorite. However, before making a bet, take ample time to analyze all factors and make the correct prediction.

This season’s FA Cup favorite

Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United are the three favorites of this year’s tournament. FA Cup odds on the strongest teams are way higher than odds on other teams participating in the competition.

At the same time, favorites may be outstripped by less celebrated yet more motivated teams that feature sky-high odds.