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English Premier League Betting

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English Premier League Betting

English Premier League is a professional football league for English football clubs. It also includes some clubs from Wales. With 20 member clubs, English Premier League is a primary football competition in the country. Matches take place from August through May, with each team competing in 38 games. You can take a chance at online EPL betting on any EPL game. In pursuit to attract more clients, bookmakers set pretty high English Premier League odds.

English Premier League

How to succeed in English Premier League betting

To make money on EPL betting online, you should follow the basic guidelines outlined in this article. We understand that you may already have a working betting system and know every detail about online English Premier League betting. However, you should not underestimate our recommendations as they may help you protect the depth of your bankroll and avoid disappointing losses.

Sports betting world have plenty of myths, one of them being that bookmakers never make mistakes in EPL betting odds. Or that you can make correct predictions with no effort and win one bet after another. Even if your selected bookmaker offers attractive Premier League odds, do not hurry to place sports bets.

Many professionals share the opinion that it’s better to place a $1000 ordinary bet with betting odds at 1.6-1.7 than place fifteen $200 bets with odds at 1.2.

English Premier League betting: Guidelines and recommendations

  1. Avoid English Premier League betting on teams you like or support. From a psychological perspective, you can’t help overestimating your favorite team and expecting it to deliver a good performance. This is when your subjective – and often unrealistic – expectations may overshadow the actual odds. This is a very risky behavior, especially when you are betting big.
  2. Avoid hasty decisions and poor judgment when seeing high betting odds on a team which is supposed to win in an upcoming game. Make sure to analyze every factor, including players’ physical and psychological state, suspended and injured players, recent performance, and more. Be careful with Premier League relegation odds. Before placing a bet, browse through statistics and analyze winning chances of each team.
  3. Do not trust online predictions from unreliable sources. Trust your gut feeling and betting odds from time-tested bookmakers. Beware of swindlers selling predictions for fixed football matches. For the most part, such websites are short-lived and have dubious reputation. Their odds have little to do with reality. Most players lose interest in such rogue sites after the first disappointing loss.
  4. Do not try to recoup your losses. Trying to get back on track after a losing streak in English Premier League betting online is not a good idea. With emotional and hasty decisions, your Premier League betting may result in even bigger losses.

English Premier League odds for 2016/2017 season

Let’s take a look at odds offered by a popular online bookmaker William Hill. We will focus on title odds. Here we are talking about long-term betting predictions and online bets, meaning that odds may change multiple times in the upcoming weeks.

English Premier League Betting

EPL betting odds 2016/17: Leicester City to finish in the top 6

Premier League title odds on Leicester City by William Hill: 2.87

Last year’s title winner, Leicester City has high chances of finishing the championship in the top 6. Although far from 1:5000, betting odds are still looking good.

English Premier League odds 2016/17: Arsenal to make it to the top 4.

Premier League title odds on Arsenal by William Hill: 1.61

Last season Arsenal marked another important yet joyless milestone. For the last 20 seasons, Arsenal has always made it to the top 4.

Premier League betting odds 2016/17: to finish in the upper and lower parts of the bracket

  • Southampton is to finish in the upper part of the bracket – 1.72
  • Stoke City is to end up in the lower part of the bracket – 1.52

With each coming year, Southampton is climbing higher and higher. This year the team is very likely to make it to the upper part of the bracket. New players joining the team are sure to affect.

English Premier League Cup

Last season Stoke City was a blast. Now the team is highly likely to fight for each point and end up in the lower part of the bracket. Judging by the current Premier League betting odds, this is how bookmakers see it right now.

Premier League odds 2016/2017 on Sunderland

Premier League relegation odds on Sunderland by William Hill

Last year Sunderland was lucky and avoided being relegated into the Football League Championship. A new coach may affect EPL tipping odds, though. However, the team has not been performing great lately. This season is likely to be no exception. On top of that, Sam Alardyce left Sunderland for the position of England manager.