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Australian A-League Betting Online

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Australian A-League Betting Online

Australian League is the annual top-ranked football competition in Australia. While the Australian Football League was established in 2004, its first season took place in 2005-2006. The season usually runs from August through February. The League used to include a pre-season competition in July. However, it was abandoned in 2009 to give teams more time to prepare for the regular season. To make decent profits on A-League betting, you first need to learn some basic information about the league itself.

Australian League structure

In NAB Challenge, clubs play three matches each. Teams placed 1st to 6th proceed to the playoff round. The Australian League champion represents Australia at the AFC Champions League. When calculating A-League odds, bookmakers pay attention to a team’s current performance and its last season’s results.

Australian A-League

Australian League popularity among football fans

Although the Australian League is a quite young tournament, it has already gained multiple fans both in Australia and worldwide. Betting League is getting increasingly popular. It is a widely followed sporting event. Fans all over the globe watch exciting live broadcasts, where teams compete for the title. Over its relatively short life, A-League already has traditional team clashes that provide ample A-League betting opportunities. With tough competition within the League, A-League betting odds may fluctuate heavily.

The all-time Sydney vs. Melbourne standoff has spread over to football world as well. However, teams do not have to stem from different areas to be tough competitors. For example, “Newcastle United Jets” and “Central Coast Mariners” are from the same region, while the all-time rivals “Sydney” and “Western Sydney Wanderers” even share the same city! Such peculiarities only add more excitement to betting League, though.

Loyalty to traditions and specifics

Among all Asian football competitions, Australian League is the most popular one among European football fans. What makes it stand out among other football competitions is that it is both eclectic and authentic at the same time.

Australian A-League teams

Heavily influenced by European football, American soccer, rugby, and Asian sports traditions, the Australian Football League is a follower of the English style of play.

Specifics of A-League betting

Excessive physical contact and aggressiveness are the two qualities to describe Australian football.

Although footballers feature brutal style of play (even compared to their German colleagues), football matches feature few yellow cards. By the way, A-League odds on yellow cards may be quite attractive for bettors.

However, there is another, way more reasonable explanation for referees giving few yellow cards. Although more rigid and aggressive than its British colleague, Australian football is not as fast. Lower game pace reduces the risk of receiving an injury.

Chances of scoring at least one goal are lower, which is reflected in A-League betting odds.

Specifics of A-League

Furthermore, the average age of players is slightly higher compared to other leagues. However, this fact hardly affects A-League betting.

Premiership cup

Both land-based and online bookmakers provide a wide range of A-League odds. Confused by such variety, beginning bettors fail to correctly analyze A-League betting odds and place successful bets.

The AFL Premiership season ends with final series. The winner of the final series receives the “Premier” title and a silver premiership cup. In A-League betting on final series games, total odds may exceed 2.5. If you are watching a game live, you won’t find it hard to predict the number of goals. As we already mentioned, the Australian League games are slow-paced, making it easier to predict the outcome.

Six best teams proceed into the play-off round to compete for the premiership cup. The competition is tough, and Australian football fans enjoy outcome betting League.

Betting League in Australia is quite challenging as you need to be fully informed about each of ten competing teams, including their style of play, team morale, etc. In football, proficiency means as much as will to win and team spirit.