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US Open golf betting: how to wager on the best golfers

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US Open golf betting: how to wager on the best golfers

Betting on US Open golf is both entertaining and profitable. You can hardly imagine one of the world’s biggest tournaments without golf US Open betting. Nowadays, you can watch breathtaking matches and make stakes online without leaving the comfort of your home.


US Open is among the four top golf tournaments in the world. Bookmakers offers odds on all participants, while gamblers hone their skills in US Open golf betting on probable winners and other parameters.

The second important championship, US Open is organized by the United States Golf Association on an annual basis. The competition starts in the middle of June. The schedule is planned so that the final match is played on the third Sunday when Father’s Day is celebrated.

About tournament

The competition takes place at different courses. Complicated courses allow golfers with accurate long drives to demonstrate their refined skills. Furthermore, difficult courses encourage every contestant to show their best, making golf US Open betting quite a challenge. To make accurate predictions, sports fans have to do thorough research and take into account multiple factors.

At this tournament, leaders have tight scoring, following each other very closely. Par is usually set at 70. The competition is characterized by a great number of over-par wins.

A standard US Open course is quite long which makes it hard for golfers to choose the most effective strategy. The competition features the toughest courses to create as many difficulties and pitfalls as possible. Such conditions ensure that only the most talented and skilled golfers become victors and get the trophy.

A roster of courses to host the event is constantly updated. When picking the venue, organizers consider a number of vital factors, including a local infrastructure (tribunes for spectators, etc.).

The champion title holders are invited to participate in the other three major golf tournaments. The first – and the youngest – American to win the title was John McDermott in 1911. Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus have the most wins (4 titles each).

Betting on US Open golf: special features

The tournament welcomes both professional and amateur players which boosts its popularity among golfers of different backgrounds. Despite multiple limitations and strict requirements, any skilled golfer has a chance to qualify for this top-tier contest. The contest features 156 contestants. Curiously enough, amateur players tend to outperform their more experienced and celebrated rivals. Remember this when making a stake on the favorite.

If two or more players tied after 72 holes, they have a 18-hole playoff the next day. This rule separates the US Open from the other key competitions and makes betting on US Open golf more exciting and diverse. The player with the lowest score is announced the victor. If the fifth round also ends in a draw, the playoff continues as a sudden-death on the 91st hole until there is a winner.

Accurate information on the courses that host the matches are crucial for successful golf US Open betting online.

For example, the Masters is played at the fixed location (Augusta National Golf Club). The British Open is contested at one of the nine courses. The PGA Championship is known for its easy courses.

Among the four major competitions, the US Open features the most tricky courses which makes winning the title quite a challenge. You have to be a truly gifted golfer to reach such great heights.