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How to succeed in Australian Masters golf betting

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How to succeed in Australian Masters golf betting

Every year, bookmakers offer a great variety of odds on the winner of this prestigious contest. The competition brings together the world’s best players. Sports fans get to enjoy Australian Masters golf betting online.


Established in 1979, the competition involves the top athletes from Australia and other countries of the world. That was the first top-tier golf tournament held in Australia. The locals can no longer imagine their lives without Australian Masters golf betting.

In 2006-2008, the tournament constituted a part of the European Tour. Co-sanctioning with the European Tour allowed to increase the prize money by 20%. Since 2009, the situation has changed and now the tournament forms a part of current year’s European Tour schedule. Unlike the major European championships, the Australian Masters takes place in November or December of each year when the season is already over. However, this does not stop bookmakers from offering Australian Masters golf odds on the key outcomes and parameters. Who can resist making a stake when European courses soak under continuous rains?

Many golfers view the championship as a good opportunity to maintain a good shape and prepare for the next season. As we already mentioned, the end of the calendar year features few to none competitions.

Curiously enough, until 2008, the contest was played at the Huntingdale Golf Club in the state of Victoria. In 2009, the rotation system was introduced. Now the event is held at a variety of courses around Melbourne.

Who to wager on

Local golfers have won the contest multiple times. Bookmakers are sure to consider that factor when calculating Australian Masters golf odds. For example, Greg Norman has won the champion title 6 times between 1981 and 1990. Craig Perry and Peter Senior have three victories each. When it comes to overseas contenders, Bernhard Langer and Colin Montgomerie are among the best-performing players at this tournament. The winner is presented with the Gold Jacket which is a notable tradition of this sports event.

The best golfers from all over the world compete for the champion title. Among such a variety of international stars, bettors find it hard to predict the favorite. Analyzing a player’s ranking can be of great help in estimating his winning chances. However, you need to remember that the season is already over. The end of the year is the time when athletes start conditioning for the next season. Some of them may be out of shape.

Since 2007, the Official World Golf Ranking has given golfers at least 20 points for winning the tournament. As the prestigious roll of victors included the top European and American athletes, the points were then increased. That raised the ranking of the competition on the global sports arena. With Australian Masters golf betting, international sports fans got new money-making opportunities.

When will the competition come back?

Unfortunately, the tournament didn’t take place in 2016. Now its future is uncertain. Sports fans had to settle for a shorter season, whole players were taken away the chance to prepare for the upcoming season by competing in the top-class contest.

The event is administered by IMG which promised to issue a statement concerning its future plans in 2017. IMG aims to boost the status of the competition and make it of the world’s major golf tournaments. It’s still unknown how the company is going to achieve its ambitious goals.

The official online website says that the update will be available in the next couple of months. Let’s hope that the tournament will come back in 2017, featuring a new format and even more celebrated participants.