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Sports Betting Bonus: Pitfalls to Avoid

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In pursuit of getting better value for their money, some bettors are trying to find betting sites with generous bonuses. It may seem that bonus money eliminates the risk factor from betting. This is misperception, though.

Bonuses are everything but fee

We have bad news for you: the era of free bonuses at bookmakers is long gone, and this trend will hardly gain a foothold again. Nowadays, bookmakers do not grant free betting offers to players. To get a bonus, you need to make a deposit to your bookie account. This requirement makes betting bonuses fee-based.

On some betting sites, you only get a bonus after making a deposit no less than a specific amount.

Large bookies may grant a small sports betting bonus that is enough for just one bet. There is no denying that such a gift has little value.

Wagering requirements

Anyway, even if you succeed in finding a good bookie with attractive bonuses, you won’t be able to use them. In its Terms&Conditions, a bookmaker sets out the requirements you must fulfill in order to spend your bonus on betting.

Another pitfall is that you’ll have to spend your deposit money first, and only then use a bonus. At some bookies, you can only use your bonus for specific sports events or bets.

To cash out your betting bonus, you'll have to bet an amount, which is several times more than your bonus.

As you can see, tough wagering requirements make bonuses almost useless, and even dangerous. To make use of your betting bonus, you have to fulfill strict requirements set by a bookie.

But if you’re looking specifically for a large sports betting bonus, even a small gift will be a nice gesture. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide whether to fulfill playthrough requirements or just forget about your betting bonus.

Note that bonuses are a common method used by betting sites to encourage new clients to place unusual bets. Bookmakers know that bettors are unwilling to bet on sports events they know little to nothing about. This is why they offer bonuses to cover some of a bettor’s expenses. Such betting offers are hands-down a useful tool.