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The main reason for high popularity of soccer bet is availability of various online sites. Nowadays, you can easily place soccer bets online with minimum time investments. Despite wide variety of international soccer sports betting sites, all of them rely on the same principles and rules.

Most detailed information about Soccer Betting Online

Picking a bookie to bet on soccer

Bookmaker is a company which has a permit (license) to provide soccer sports services. Along with taking football bets, a bookie is responsible for paying out winnings to players. Note that sports is not the only industry covered by bookmaker services. Bets on cultural or political events are also very popular among fans.

Picking a bookie to bet football

Making predictions for soccer bet

A bookie’s major task is to make predictions about football outcomes and calculate football betting odds. This makes analytical work an important part of the process. A list of events and all possible outcomes is known as ‘betting line.’ Bookmaker’s goal is to build a line that would be both attractive for bettors and generate profit for the company.

Only major bookies with professional analysts can make a well-balanced and diverse betting line. Small bookies rely on odds soccer betting online set by larger companies.

Making predictions in football betting

As a small bookie can’t afford to suffer losses, it tends to set lower international football betting odds and high profit margin to cover its expenses.

Calculating football betting odds

Any sports even can have at least two possible outcomes: Team 1/Athlete 1 wins OR Team 2/Athlete 2 wins. Probability of each outcome varies from 0 to 100%. The total of all outcome probabilities makes 100% (or 1). If the probabilities are calculated right, the odds soccer betting online will be realistic.

Calculating odds for bet on soccer is not rocket science. For example, the probability of a team winning is estimated at 50% (or 0.5 in the 0-1 range). The odds soccer betting are calculated as follows: 1/0.5=2.0.

If the probability is 30%, the odds will be 3.33. A 5% probability means 20.0 odds.

If you sum up all european soccer betting odds (in %) set by a bookmaker for a certain game, you’ll see that it is more than 100%. Take, 107%. This is not a mistake, though. In this case, 7% is a bookie’s profit margin.

Football betting

Adjusting football betting odds

Bookies do not care what soccer bets types their clients prefer. If the probabilities are calculated correctly, the bookie will make profit in the long run anyway.

It may turn out, though, that international football betting odds are incorrect. Or most online gamer are soccer sports betting on the same outcome. In this case, the bookie may adjust the odds.

Football betting systems

There is a great variety strategies for bet on soccer to choose from. This is the topic of other articles, though. Bear in mind that not all online strategies are good for European soccer betting. In the strategies section, you’ll find helpful information on how to pick a reliable and effective strategy.

Secrets of Success

Secret 1. Don’t be afraid to lose

It’s important to remember that losing – just like winning – is an essential part of sports betting. A paralyzing fear of losing may distract you and undermine your concentration. As a result, your worst fears may become a reality.

Secrets 2. Don’t try to recoup your losses immediately

After suffering a losing streak, any player wants to recoup their losses as soon as possible. A player starts to make hasty decisions, risk big amounts of money, and search for sky-high odds. In sports betting, the all-or-nothing approach is useless and leads to frustrating losses.

Secret 3. Avoid being too optimistic

A couple of successful bets can fool a player into believing that a winning streak will last forever. You start to believe that luck will never leave your side. This is a dangerous way of thinking, though. Taking your hopes too high, you risk losing your entire bankroll.

Secrets of Success

Secret 4. Don’t be fooled by odds

Upon seeing adjusted odds on your selected sports event, some players have a strong desire to change their bet. Bookmaker analysts know about this weakness and use it to manipulate the odds.

Secret 6. Don’t be greedy

Handicappers are committed to hunting for bigger profits. However, chasing higher odds and making endless combination bets may have sad consequences. You can’t go wrong with choosing quality over quantity.

Secret 7. Listen to yourself

While expert tips are a good thing, you should always have your own opinion to guide you. According to statistics, plenty of football predictions turn out to be erroneous. Try to walk the line by listening to both seasoned handicappers and your gut feeling. .

Secret 8. Take breaks

Even professional need time to relax and reboot their brain. Make sure to take breaks from betting to avoid wrong decisions and exhaustion. When it comes to sports betting, distraction is just as important as concentration.

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