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What makes betting double result special?

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What makes betting double result special?

If you prefer to wager on two outcomes at the same time, a doubles bet is an ideal choice for you. This is a quite uncommon wager type, so make sure to read the terms before trying it out. This article has doubles betting explained in all detail.

What is a doubles bet?

Let’s put it straight: a doubles bet is not among the most popular wager types on bookmaker websites. Still, you have probably heard about it. Many bettors benefit from doubles betting and even make it a part of their winning strategies.

So what does double result mean in betting? Let’s try to find out. As you can see from the name, it’s a wager that incorporates not one but two outcomes. A gambler wagers on the result of the 1st time and the outcome of an entire match.

For bettors’ convenience, bookmaker sites have doubles betting explained in all detail. To get a deeper understanding of this unconventional stake, let’s take a look at the example below.

Doubles Betting

Possible outcomes

A double result bet has 9 sets of possible outcomes. Suppose, a bettor picked a match between Milan and Napoli. Below we’ve listed all possible outcomes:

  • W1W1 – Milan beats its rival the 1st time and the entire game;

  • W1D – Milan has the upper hand in the 1st time and draws the match;

  • W1W2 – Milan beats its rival in the 1st time but Napoli wins the match;

  • W2W1 – Napoli wins the 1st time but Milan wins the game;

  • W2D – Napoli has the upper hand in the 1st time and draws the game;

  • W2W2 – Napoli wins both the 1st time and the entire game;

  • DD – both the 1st and the 2nd times end up in a draw;

  • DW1 – the 1st time ends in a tie and Milan wins the match;

  • DW2 – the 1st time ends in a tie and Napoli wins the game.

Doubles Betting

As you can see, the choices are plenty. Each outcome is just as likely to happen as all the others. For your stake to pay, you need to predict both outcomes right. As a matter of fact, this is a combination stake, only a small one. As you probably know, accumulators have slim winning chances. Although a two-outcome stake only consist of two outcomes, it’s still very risky.

How to make a successful bet

Like with other wager types, statistics are of crucial importance. The hardest thing is to predict how teams will perform in the 1st and the 2nd times. For the most part, gamblers prefer betting double result on football. Other sports are less popular. Many things depend on how good a team’s forwards and defenders are. Make sure to consider the home field advantage. If an outsider plays at home, there is a possibility that they may draw the 1st time or even beat their stronger rival.

If the weather leaves much to be desired, you shouldn’t count on too many goals. A game is more likely to end in a tie or a close win.

Doubles Betting

In football, it’s not uncommon that the 1st time ends in a draw. This is why many bettors wager on a tie in the 1st round and the favorite’s victory in the entire game.

Popularity of betting doubles explained by yet another fact. If a game features an underdog, bettors are unwilling to make ordinary stakes. While strong teams have too low odds, wagers on outsiders are way too risky. With a two-outcome stake, you can profit from higher odds.

Seasoned bettors make multiple bets doubles on more than one match at a time. With a set of mini combination wagers, they expect to earn juicy payouts.

However, we wouldn’t recommend such stakes to beginning bettors. According to betting doubles calculator, they’re less likely to pay than ordinary stakes.