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FA Vase Betting and Odds Online

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FA Vase Betting and Odds Online

FA VASE is an annual football tournament for lower-level, amateur English football teams. Although matches do not attract vast audiences, this competition is very popular among local sports lovers. Die-hard fans enjoy FA Vase betting on their favorite clubs that defend the honor of their city or district.

How FA Vase betting works

FA VASE competition features teams playing in the lowest tiers of the English National League System. Matches are played by common people who view football as a mere hobby and distraction. However, bookmakers pay close attention to the competition, calculating FA Vase odds on different outcomes. Furthermore, FA Vase betting is the favorite pastime of many bettors across England.

This is not at all surprising, though, as your schoolmate or neighbor may play for one of the clubs. It’s hard to fight the temptation to support your favorite team and your friends through betting.

In the last season, FASE competition featured 535 clubs, each having its own odds.


The football competition includes two qualifying rounds to filter out the weakest teams, six proper rounds, semi-finals, and final. Although FA VASE has plenty of participating clubs, the competition is wisely organized, especially considering its amateur status. This is proven by wide popularity of betting among English football fans.

Semi-finals incorporate two stages. With tough competition among clubs, semi-finals make both bookmakers and bettors go crazy. It is when most bets are made. Bookmakers engage their best analysts to calculate the most accurate FA Vase odds on semi-finalists. As usual, betting predictions are made based on each team’s previous performance during the season.

The final match is played at Wembley Stadium.

About FA Vase


It is a curious fact that until 1974 all football players were divided into two large groups, professionals and amateurs. While professional footballers made their living by playing football, amateurs did not get paid and played just for fun. In 1974, as many talented amateur footballers were paid by their clubs, the Football Association decided to cancel the above classification. Moreover, it established the FA VASE for clubs that used to play professionally. The first season welcomed around 200 clubs and created vast opportunities for betting.

It needs to be said that not just any team can join the FASE. According to the recently changed requirements, participation is restricted to clubs playing in the ninth and lower levels of the English football league system.

How to succeed in FA Vase betting

The major downside to betting on amateur teams is the lack of information about them. Both players and coaches wrapped up their professional careers long ago, which made them less interesting for football analysts and the media. You will find it hard to analyze FA Vase odds, especially if the team in question is a newcomer. On top of that, player rotation in teams is pretty strong. It is not uncommon that key players leave their club just before the season starts. All those factors make FA Vase betting a quite challenging task.

Succeed in FA Vase betting

At the same time, bookmakers – just like common bettors – experience lack of information as well. This leads to mistakes in calculating odds. Alert bettors can use bookmakers’ mistakes to their advantage and place successful bets. It goes without saying that you also need to be well-informed about the competition and its leading clubs. Otherwise, your betting decisions may cost you your entire bankroll.