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Champions League Betting ONLINE

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Champions League Betting ONLINE

Football is a most popular sport worldwide, with the UEFA Champions League being the most celebrated football competition among sports fans. Both offline and online bookmakers offer a wide range of Champions League odds on all games. You can enjoy Champions League betting on breathtaking football matches.

It goes without saying that football is a most spectacular sport that can generate big winnings for bettors. However, many people enjoying betting have not seen any impressive winnings. For some players, sports betting is great way to rekindle their interest in a certain sport. High bets in Champions League betting make football way more attractive for bettors. Although there is always a risk of losing your hard-earned money, you can still experience unforgettable emotions while watching a game and supporting your favorite team.

Champions League

What competition to choose for successful football betting? Football universe features a great variety of championships and competitions, and plunging into betting right before the weekend is quite tempting!

To enjoy consistent winnings, you need to know a thing or two about the game of football. You need to watch games, follow recent updates, and analyze match protocols. In this article, we will outline a couple of Champions League betting strategies for a most prestigious football competition in Europe. We hope that our tips will be helpful in analyzing Champions League final odds.

Champions League betting strategy #1

What to start with? The Champions League begins with summer qualifying rounds. You can very well start analyzing Champions League odds on qualifying rounds. Although member clubs at this stage are pretty abundant, you can always bet on a famous club in its match against an obvious outsider.

To identify a favorite and outsider, use final odds in FIFA ranking. Suppose, you are betting on the 2nd qualification round. The favorite, a Scottish club “Celtic”(37.538 ranking) is competing against the outsider, a Northern Ireland team “Cliftonville” 2.116). According to our betting strategy, you need to bet on “Celtic” to win the game. The Champions League odds are at 1.26, which is pretty low. By making a combination bet out of five or six “sure” matches, you can secure the odds hovering around 4-5! For many bettors, this is still pretty low. However, this is a sure way to make some profits without any risk involved.

Champions League Cup

Champions League betting strategy #2

According to this strategy, as the tournament is approaching the play-off round, Champions League final odds are becoming more accurate with each coming day. When the play-off round is entered by strong football clubs that ranked high in their local championships (fourth-placed teams from England, Spain, and Germany; three-placed teams from Italy and France; and second-placed clubs from Russia and Ukraine), you can start Champions League betting on your selected team that, according to your prediction, will make it to the group stage.

You can place a bet early on the first match, when both Champions League odds and risks are quite high. After the first match, Champions League final odds tend to go down. However, the situation is getting more clear and predictable, which also lowers the risks. This is the optimal timing to place a winning bet.

Champions League teams

This season, the Champions League features 78 teams from 53 football associations. Last year’s Champions League champion (Real Madrid) and Europe League champion (Sevilla) enter the group stage automatically. Other participants include teams that ranked 1st-3rd in their national championships. Check out the tournament bracket to see what teams made it.

Champions League teams

Odds on each UEFA football club are calculated based on its current performance in the Champions League and the Europa League. On top of that, results of the last 4 matches are taken into account. Below we have listed the 3rd qualifying round teams with the best odds:

Olympiacos  70.940
Viktoria (Plzen)                           44.585
Salzburg 42.520