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All you need to know about profitable US Masters golf betting

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All you need to know about profitable US Masters golf betting

US Masters golf betting is a highly enjoyable pastime. However, it’s far from being easy. As the contest involves world-known golfers, predicting the outright winner is quite hard. As the competition proceeds, bookmakers adjust online odds based on contestants’ performance.


US Masters is one of the four major golf competitions among professionals. Preceding the other majors, the tournament is contested in the first week of April. After a lengthy off-season, both fans and bettors show great interest in US Masters golf betting.

Unlike the other key contests, US Masters takes place at the same location which is Augusta National Golf Club. Established by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, the contest invites winners of top-tier amateur competitions. Due to its invitational format, the tournament features a smaller pool of contestants than other events.

The green jacket presented to the winner is a defining symbol of the contest. The best amateur athletes compete for the honor to have their personal green jacket. By the way, golf Masters betting on the winner is very popular among bettors.

Curiously enough, a lucky winner gets to keep the jacket one year after his victory. Then he must return it to the club where it is stored with other victors’ jackets. This amazing tradition has been maintained since 1949.

Before each competition, the past champions of the last years and some members of the administration attend the splendid Champions Dinner. Augusta National Golf Club welcomed its first members in the far 1933. Open for 83 years now, the Club has been redesigned several times. Designers have planted more trees, added tee boxes, and made some other adjustments to make the course even more challenging to compete at.

How to analyze the Masters golf odds

To estimate bookmakers’ odds in the right way, you need to analyze players’ current condition. With US Masters being the first of the four majors, a player’s performance in the previous competitions is of no crucial importance. The main thing is whether a contestant is fit for the next season.

US Masters Golf

To get in shape before the season, most contestants participate in second-grade tournaments, including qualifying ones. The bad news is that there is not enough information on those contests. Prepare to do thorough research to make a list of favorites. Although difficult and time-consuming, this research is key to profitable US Masters golf betting. This iconic tournament brings together the world’s best golfers to compete for the prestigious title. It’s not uncommon that the reigning champion defends his title.

You can predict the winner of a matchup or the entire tournament. Furthermore, you can wager that your selected player will end up higher or lower than a certain place. The tournament features a number of breathtaking matchups between the best contestants which opens up multiple golf Masters betting opportunities.

Remember that each stake must factor in a players’ physical and emotional condition. To an inexperienced bettor, it may seem that golfers are reserved and unemotional. This couldn’t be farther from truth, tough. A nervous strain is a common reason why golfers make inaccurate shots.

When wagering on an outsider, make sure to collect as much information on his previous performance as possible. Focus on the player’s results at the previous US Masters. As the tournament takes place at the same venue, you can find out whether the golfer feels confident at its course.

Luckily for American golfers, they have a home advantage. The tournament invites athletes from all over the world. Many contestants have to compete in a foreign land, away from their loyal fans. This factor takes a toll on their performance. Make sure to consider a home advantage (or lack thereof) when analyzing the Masters golf odds.

US Masters Golf Betting

Who to wager on at the US Masters

It goes without saying that the world’s top-ranking golfers have the biggest chances to win the Georgia competition. The best players of the last years include:

  • Danny Willett;

  • Jordan Spieth;

  • Bubba Watson;

  • Adam Scott;

  • Charl Schwartzel.

Each of the above athletes has been awarded the green jacket. On the other hand, odds on favorites are not as attractive as odds on their weaker opponents.

If you prefer to enjoy golf Masters betting far in advance rather than during the tournament, you can benefit from pretty high odds. Long-term stakes are very popular among sports fans. For example, you can wager on who will win the tournament or what place your selected player will take. Furthermore, you can compare the performance of two selected golfers.

Wager types

Bookmakers offer a great variety of US Masters golf betting options. To make a successful stake, you need to be an expert in golf. In some sports, you can wager on any outcome without getting insight into the situation. In this case, this is not an option.

US Masters Golf Betting

Here are the top wager types:

  • Outright winner. An average US Masters involves multiple participants, including up to ten favorites. Each golfer is ready to fight for the champion title which makes predicting the winner quite a challenge. On the brighter side, if your prediction is right, you can count on incredible payouts.

  • Matchup. Matchups pit two golfers against each other. You need to wager on the player to win the game.

  • Other players. Due to a large number of contestants, bookmakers fail to offer odds on every single one of them. You can predict that the champion title will go to a player who’s not on the list of favorites.

How to make money on the Masters golf odds

Making money on golf stakes online is a hard thing to do. To make correct predictions, you need to know all ins and outs of this sport. Placing random stakes is a direct way to failure. Another important thing is to choose a good bookmaker. Be sure to find a bookmaker with profitable odds and wide wagering options.

Compare odds across different websites to choose the best offers. Live sports broadcasts are a big advantage. Although wagering on the US Masters is not easy, seasoned bettors make plenty of successful stakes, cashing in on profitable odds. Beginning bettors should avoid high-risk stakes and focus on stats analysis. On top of that, watching the key competitions is a must for those who’d like to get a deeper understanding of this fascinating sport.