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About Financial Aspect of Arbitrage Betting

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About Financial Aspect of Arbitrage Betting

You must understand that the size of your bankroll affects your potential income in man ways. As most arbitrage betting opportunities pop up with basic bookmakers, you should keep a larger part of your betting money with one of such bookies. Make small bets. First, a small bet won’t attract a bookie’a attention. Second, you’ll avoid the risk of making a breach in your bankroll. Do not rush to bet your entire bankroll on a ‘promising and profitable’ arbitrage opportunity, because:

  • you may deplete your account;
  • if you spend your bankroll on one betting site, you’ll have to withdraw your winnings from the system. It will take time and additional costs. Furthermore, you’ll draw a bookie’s attention to your account.

Adequate arbitrage bets for beginners

If you’re still a novice bettor, you should place small arbitrage bets in order to practice and gain some experience. Once you feel better about your skills, start to increase your bets and number of bookies you’re betting with. There is no one-fits-all bet size: everything depends on your financial potential.

Arbitrage betting profits

We wouldn’t recommend beginners to place arbitrage bets with high return on investment. The best option is to refine your betting skills on bets with 1-5% profitability. Arbitrage bets featuring >10% profitability should be avoided: a bookie may cancel your bet due to ‘mistake in a betting line.’ Until you accumulate necessary experience, you should ‘lay low’ and place small bets.

There are much more arbitrage betting opportunities with low profits. You can place multiple small bets without taking too much risks. Another factor affecting your betting behavior is your bankroll. If you have little money on your bookie account, you should opt for arbitrage bets with a higher profitability. If you have enough assets, small-size arbitrage bets is your best choice.

Why are high-profit bets risky?

  • Suppose, a bookmaker made a mistake. Instead of ‘Total less than 100.5’, it published ‘Total less than 1005’. A bookie will most probably cancel your bet. The reason usually sounds like ‘mistake in betting line’.
  • A program scanning for arbitrage betting opportunities made a mistake.
  • High-profit arbitrage betting opportunities are very short-lived. After making a bet with one bookie, you may not have time to make an opposite bet on another betting site. Here is a good tip: make the first bet with a bookie where the odds are inflated. Professional bettors are good at analyzing odds. Beginners should choose a reliable and high-profile bookie to place a second bet (i.e. after placing an opposite bet elsewhere). This is the rule of a thumb (although you may come across some exceptions).

Before making a high-profit arbitrage bet, you must make sure:

  • you’re betting on the same sports event;
  • you have an arbitrage bet;
  • bookmaker won’t cancel your arbitrage bet.